Monday, 18 August 2014

cabeza y lengua..... ewwwww!!

Hola mi loca familia!

How is everyone doing? Dad guess what? The song Have I Done Any Good in the World Today reminds me so much of you and I ALWAYS vote for that song when we have to sing, my companion gets super annoyed but I know secretly she loves it too :) Also tell Brendan Come Thou Fount reminds me of him and we sing Oh Mi Padre like it and I love it so much!
This week we ate at a members house and the meat she fed us was super soft and tender. Hna Lopez asked what kind of meat it was and the member was like ¨la cabeza y lengua¨ (brain and tongue) oh my goodness, we immediately looked at each other and our mouths dropped in shock. EWWWW! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
We found a family to teach this week. It was awesome because we walked into their house and Gilberto (father) was like ¨Okay! Everyone, turn off the TV, computers, and sit in the living room to listen¨ It was amazing. The Spirit was super strong and looking at the family listening reminded me of all the times our family would get together and talk about the góspel.
Also a miracle happened this week. The Familia Quintana have been inactive for 4 years, every missionary that has been in this area has tried to get them to come to church and they never go. We have been working with them as well and they showed up yesterday! It was so awesome I was so happy I almost started crying. The Lord has blessed us.
This week has rained a lot. We were eating with a member and it was pouring. There was so much lightning too and one ray hit right beside the house. It was crazy because everything was white for a second and it was so loud it hurt your ears. The power went out and we screamed cause we got scared. It was cool.
In my studies this week I have been reading more about King Benjamin. In Mosiah 4:11 and 12. How did it feel when we got baptized? Peaceful, happy, joyful, all those good feelings right? Well that was only a taste of God´s love. How can we be filled with his love completely? Remembering his goodness in our lives, and how unworthy we are but his lovingness towards us and mercy. When we seriously think this through, humbling ourselves, praying with faith, we will always rejoice and be filled with the love of God, recieve forgiveness for our sins, and grow in testimony.
If we are true followers of Jesús Christ we are told in Moroni 7:48 we will be filled with this love and be like him and purified. With this knowledge it allows us to understand the greatest example of love ever shown to us on the earth, was the Atonement of Jesús Christ. Then we will apply it in our lives and help other to have this love.
I love you guys sorry I don´t have pictures this week I will take some this week, this computer is super slow and the keyboard doesn´t work very well :( Love you all so much!

Hermana Blackmore