Monday, 21 July 2014

tough and spicy!!!

Hi family! :)

So this week has been hard. I don´t think I have walked so much in my life. Or on my mission. We walked like locitas. And the sad thing is we couldn´t find hardly anyone. It was super discouraging. Because of the weather literally it is just me and my companion walking the streets and I´m sure everyone that looks out their window thinks we are nuts. 
We had exchanges this week and Hna Lopez was so worried she would get transferred, we´ve become good friends and we wanted to stay together. And when we found out we would be together another cambio we just hugged each other and shouted for joy. So that was nice.
We got special permission from the President to baptize Omar on Tuesday and Elder Ixcot (AP) phoned us to let us know and he was like ¨I have bad news and good news but you both have to promise me you´ll keep working hard when I tell you okay?¨ ¨Yes Elder what is it?¨ ¨Promise me!¨ ¨Okay we promise!¨ ¨You have to clean the baptismal font because..¨ ¨Ahhhhhh!¨ We were sooo happy hahaha We had to clean the baptismal font for the baptism. So that was good news. But then this last week we worked hard with Omar and he still felt he wasn´t prepared yet so we had to move it to August 2.
So there is this awesome seasoning stuff called Tajin. Best thing ever created. Its chilis, lemon, and salt. You put it on fruit like mangos, oranges, etc. and wow. I´m hoping they sell it in the Spanish food stores in Canada so when I go home I can get it. Also I tried a new fruit called Guayaba and it was delicious! Also a member fed us spicy meatballs and my companion doesn´t like spicy food and was all teary eyed, drinking lots of water it was funny cause it wasn´t spicy for me and she´s the Mexican whaaat! Haha. I got sick as well again, I think it´s almost not needed to let you know anymore, just assume every 2 weeks I get sick okay?
I am also teaching Hna Lopez English and she is doing really good! She is memorizing D&C 4 and already has most of it. When we walk the streets we practice English and Spanish and it has helped a lot! The Bishop asked me to play piano at church yesterday and I was so nervous! But I think I played okay.
So we both felt a little down because of how the week turned out. And in my study yesterday I was reading in the Bible about the life of Jesus. How he never thought of himself, even though he was going through hard times he always turned to others in service and love. For example in Matthew 4:2-11 Satan is tempting Jesus to break his fast and turn the stones to bread, then to jump off the temple, and then to worship him. Finally Jesus tells him to leave. and in V11 it says angels came and ministered unto him. At that time John was in jail, and in JST it says and now Jesus knew that John was cast into prison, and he sent angels. They ministered to John. 
How many times do we feel burdened or that Satan is working so hard to make us fall that we feel so discouraged? Do we think of others in those moments? Instead of asking Heavenly Father to bless us do we ask him to help those in need?
Many times we ask why me? Why does this have to happen? When in reality we should be reaching out to others and not think about ourselves. That is exactly what the Saviour did. 
Well I miss you all and love you guys, Tennyson Happy Birthday don´t worry I didn´t forget this year even though I´m far away I thought of you hehe love you lots. You are the best family in the world I love showing people my pictures of you. Take care!


Hermana Blackmore