Monday, 28 July 2014

Hermanas de Pitic

Hi Dad!

I am super excited because this Saturday is Omar´s baptism! It´s cool cause we found him the very first day I got here and were able to help him come to Christ and make that decision! His brother Jorge left on his mission on Wednesday morning and we went to see him and his family and they were all super sad and asking us lots of questions. They were so much more loving towards us and worried about us haha because they know now how it feels to send a family member off to their mission. 
So my companion has been correcting my Spanish when I talk and now sometimes she says words wrong and I correct her because she took on my habits haha its hilarious! She has always wanted to come to Canada and I told her my house is always open, I would be so excited if she came to show her around. I have a Canada sticker underneath both my mission tags :) being here I realized how much I love Canada, I like Mexico but Canada is my home.
This week 3 dogs tried to attack us, and guess what Hna Lopez did? Hide behind me. So they ran after me and I was so scared, I kept saying please don´t bite me please don´t bite me and I would swing my hand to pretend to hit them and they would run away. So lucky. Speaking of animals I found a cockroach in the house it was the grossest thing ever. I shook all my clothes out because I don´t want to find any bugs in them gaaaah.
I was studying in 2 Nephi this week. Chapter 4 V17-18: Even Nephi, a great prophet felt the need to repent ¨My soul grieveth because of mine iniquities¨ He felt bad for the mistakes he made. Nevertheless in V19 ¨I know in whom I have trusted¨ V20-23, he then begins to look back in his life to remember and look for the Lord´s hand and help, through tribulations and hard times he encountered. V26-27 Because he remembered how much the Lord blessed him and watched over him and was there for him he knew he shouldn't weaken himself and yield to sin. Satan´s objective is to destroy that peace within us, the peace of God, and replace it with anger and sin. He then continues to ask God for strength and the ability to walk in righteousness always. V34-35 then he puts his whole trust in the Lord and knows that he cannot only depend on himself or man. We always need the Lord with us for help and guidance. There is no way we can have success in this world if we don´t heed to the counsel and direction of the Spirit.
I love you all, here is a picture of me and my zone. All the hermanas had their cameras set on a table and ran and to be in the picture and thought that you could see the Elders in the back, but we covered most of them. Here are the ¨Hermanas de Pitic¨ haha.

Hermana Blackmore

ps Here's me and my district at the mtc an elder sent me!