Thursday, 3 July 2014

dang that phone!!!!!!!

So a couple things happened this week. My companion got sick, it was her turn haha. Except it was her eyes. The sun is so bright that it was turning her eyes yellow and stinging really bad for her. It was crazy I have never seen anything like it. So we had to take it easy for a bit. But I think she is feeling better now and its starting to disappear.
We were contacting around 8:15 the other day. It was pretty dark out and no one on the streets. We stopped at an intersection and Hna Lopez said we should go down a street that had lights. I turned around and said we should go down this way. It was a street that was super dark and no one but I really felt we should. She thought I was crazy but said okay haha. So we walked down and found Alfonzo, an inactive member, he had been in a previous accident and using a wheelchair and somehow fell over. He was trying to get up and his chair was upside down and all his things all over the floor. It was lucky we showed up because he was trying so hard to stand and fix his stuff but there was no way he could. I felt terrible!
Also one morning we were walking to an appointment and said hi to a lady on the street as we passed and she asked us to come visit her and showed us where she lived, it was super cool that she contacted us! Haha. Her name is Fidelia. So we went to her house and she wanted to know how to know which church was true? She is Catholic and said that all churches teach the same basic things and are just a bit different and all are good. We taught her about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. The Spirit was so strong, and just as I was saying the First Vision her phone rang! But it was all good the Spirit came back after. She is such a sweet lady I´m looking forward to working with her. When we left my companion told me that every time she teaches the First Vision a distraction happens like that. And then I noticed it too when I remember lessons we´ve taught. It´s crazy how much Satan wants to stop the work and doesn´t want people to experience happiness in their lives. I´ve realized how real he is. We can´t afford to not read our scriptures, stop praying, stop going to church. Because Satan will use that against us. We also visited an inactive family who are really awesome as well. We were teaching them how important it was to do those things so we can become closer to the Lord. I told them how I remember many times before I left the house if I was going somewhere you or Mom would always tell me to be careful because Satan wants to destroy us and to remember who you are and what you stand for. 
That talk you gave me before I left is so awesome. I´ve read it like 10 times and I think of the mission more differently thanks so much for giving it to me! The neighborhood is good, a lot of poverty but the AP´s area has even more and it´s right beside ours. It´s nice to have the mission office close by and the church too. My companion is from Mexico City. It´s funny cause whenever we see a car/bug we punch each others arms and say the colour of it. She says it in English and I say it in Spanish. When we study the idioma I help her with English and vise vera. I love listening to her speak in English because it reminds me of Mom haha!
That is great you could spend time together with Bren and Ten. And hey I remembered it was Vicky´s birthday on Saturday. Also that it was my 1 month mark. Thank you for the weather update too I feel more tranquila and heard it was suppose to rain too ahhh. Apparently rain is bad because when it ends it gets hot right away and the water evaporates and yeah, not too fun.
I also bore my testimony on Sunday, I was so nervous right before Hna Lopez told me don´t turn red, right before I had to go up so of course I turned beat red haha! 
I love all the little latina girls they are so cute especially when they talk in Spanish, one girl named Anna is super loud its so funny and has black, long, curly hair and she came up behind me and grabbed my hair and was like ¨Usted tiene cabello ondulido como yo!!!!¨ and gave me the biggest hug it was so cute. 
Well I love you all and tell the family I say hi. Tell mom I love her so much and that I think about her lots and pray for you all! I can picture Ten with his super cool sunglasses driving standard like that hahaha!
Until next week!


Hermana Blackmore