Monday, 14 July 2014

Aburto was flooded

Hi all!
How is everyone doing? This week was a little bit different because we had exchanges with the sister training leaders! (Yes I remembered the word haha) Hermana Juarez came with me to my area and oh boy I was soooo nervous I was begging Hermana Lopez to stay here and I wanted to go because staying here means you're senior companion and they do whatever you want to do. So she handed me the cell phone and I was left with Hermana Juarez. But she is sooo awesome and so nice we taught a few lessons together and I learned a lot from her. I was actually sad the next day when she left because she taught me so much and is a good missionary. Here is a picture of me and her.
We also had the meeting for all missionaries who have been here for 6 weeks. I know, almost 2 months I've been on my mission! That was really good. The AP`s are in our district and so we know them better than the others and they kept calling on me for answers when they gave talks/lessons and I would turn beat red. I get so nervous talking in front of a bunch of people in Spanish gaaaaah, I hope it goes away. And my companion just laughs at me hah!
Last Monday after I talked to you guys we ran to our appointment with Omar because we were a few minutes late and the road Aburto was flooded and we needed to cross! Hermana Lopez kept saying we should walk down farther to see if it was more dry and I finally just said lets cross there was no where less wet. The water was halfway past my ankles and knees! It was the craziest thing and watching Hermana Lopez cross was hilarious she was so scared and screaming ahaha! Then we walked back up the street and found a dry spot. How smart we are.
Well we have been continuing teaching Omar. He is progressing so good. We asked the AP`s if his brother Jorge could baptize him before he leaves on his mission so that would be around the 21st! Seriously it´s amazing seeing the difference the gospel has on people who never had it, and then how it completely changes their lives for the better. 
I also wrote you a letter and sent it off today, not sure when you`ll get it. Also can you send me Sabrina´s mailing address so I can write her as well?
The mission really is amazing. To be able to share my testimony with every single person I meet is a blessing. I tell many people how comforting it is to know I am sealed to my family for time and all eternity. That after this life it isn't the end. And that I will never loose you guys. I know God lives. We are His children. The Plan of Salvation was made for us so we can return to his presence. Sometimes we can be so occupied in our lives that we forget the real reason why we are here on Earth. But when we think about the Saviour and the covenants we made at baptism and the temple, it´s clear that the worldly things really don´t matter. When we die everything stays here. I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world and that he loved us so much he died for us so that we can return to Heavenly Father. Whenever we teach investigators I feel like I learn new things as well, or that my testimony grows. Like how we have prophets in our day. The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if their were prophets in the Bible and way back when. Then why wouldn't there be one today for us now? It only makes sense.
Sometimes its frustrating when people don´t want to listen or don´t agree because for me the gospel is just so clear and makes 100% sense. I feel so sad for them when they don´t want to accept it because they are missing out on an amazing opportunity. 
Well family I love you all so much! I hope you're enjoying summer and that you send some of the cooler summer weather down south that would be great :) And would you mind dad sending me a few pairs of my contacts? I changed my mind and started wearing my glasses and its magical what a difference it makes haha!
Thank you for your email and the encouragement, te amo todos!

Hermana Blackmore