Monday, 28 July 2014

Hermanas de Pitic

Hi Dad!

I am super excited because this Saturday is Omar´s baptism! It´s cool cause we found him the very first day I got here and were able to help him come to Christ and make that decision! His brother Jorge left on his mission on Wednesday morning and we went to see him and his family and they were all super sad and asking us lots of questions. They were so much more loving towards us and worried about us haha because they know now how it feels to send a family member off to their mission. 
So my companion has been correcting my Spanish when I talk and now sometimes she says words wrong and I correct her because she took on my habits haha its hilarious! She has always wanted to come to Canada and I told her my house is always open, I would be so excited if she came to show her around. I have a Canada sticker underneath both my mission tags :) being here I realized how much I love Canada, I like Mexico but Canada is my home.
This week 3 dogs tried to attack us, and guess what Hna Lopez did? Hide behind me. So they ran after me and I was so scared, I kept saying please don´t bite me please don´t bite me and I would swing my hand to pretend to hit them and they would run away. So lucky. Speaking of animals I found a cockroach in the house it was the grossest thing ever. I shook all my clothes out because I don´t want to find any bugs in them gaaaah.
I was studying in 2 Nephi this week. Chapter 4 V17-18: Even Nephi, a great prophet felt the need to repent ¨My soul grieveth because of mine iniquities¨ He felt bad for the mistakes he made. Nevertheless in V19 ¨I know in whom I have trusted¨ V20-23, he then begins to look back in his life to remember and look for the Lord´s hand and help, through tribulations and hard times he encountered. V26-27 Because he remembered how much the Lord blessed him and watched over him and was there for him he knew he shouldn't weaken himself and yield to sin. Satan´s objective is to destroy that peace within us, the peace of God, and replace it with anger and sin. He then continues to ask God for strength and the ability to walk in righteousness always. V34-35 then he puts his whole trust in the Lord and knows that he cannot only depend on himself or man. We always need the Lord with us for help and guidance. There is no way we can have success in this world if we don´t heed to the counsel and direction of the Spirit.
I love you all, here is a picture of me and my zone. All the hermanas had their cameras set on a table and ran and to be in the picture and thought that you could see the Elders in the back, but we covered most of them. Here are the ¨Hermanas de Pitic¨ haha.

Hermana Blackmore

ps Here's me and my district at the mtc an elder sent me!

Monday, 21 July 2014

tough and spicy!!!

Hi family! :)

So this week has been hard. I don´t think I have walked so much in my life. Or on my mission. We walked like locitas. And the sad thing is we couldn´t find hardly anyone. It was super discouraging. Because of the weather literally it is just me and my companion walking the streets and I´m sure everyone that looks out their window thinks we are nuts. 
We had exchanges this week and Hna Lopez was so worried she would get transferred, we´ve become good friends and we wanted to stay together. And when we found out we would be together another cambio we just hugged each other and shouted for joy. So that was nice.
We got special permission from the President to baptize Omar on Tuesday and Elder Ixcot (AP) phoned us to let us know and he was like ¨I have bad news and good news but you both have to promise me you´ll keep working hard when I tell you okay?¨ ¨Yes Elder what is it?¨ ¨Promise me!¨ ¨Okay we promise!¨ ¨You have to clean the baptismal font because..¨ ¨Ahhhhhh!¨ We were sooo happy hahaha We had to clean the baptismal font for the baptism. So that was good news. But then this last week we worked hard with Omar and he still felt he wasn´t prepared yet so we had to move it to August 2.
So there is this awesome seasoning stuff called Tajin. Best thing ever created. Its chilis, lemon, and salt. You put it on fruit like mangos, oranges, etc. and wow. I´m hoping they sell it in the Spanish food stores in Canada so when I go home I can get it. Also I tried a new fruit called Guayaba and it was delicious! Also a member fed us spicy meatballs and my companion doesn´t like spicy food and was all teary eyed, drinking lots of water it was funny cause it wasn´t spicy for me and she´s the Mexican whaaat! Haha. I got sick as well again, I think it´s almost not needed to let you know anymore, just assume every 2 weeks I get sick okay?
I am also teaching Hna Lopez English and she is doing really good! She is memorizing D&C 4 and already has most of it. When we walk the streets we practice English and Spanish and it has helped a lot! The Bishop asked me to play piano at church yesterday and I was so nervous! But I think I played okay.
So we both felt a little down because of how the week turned out. And in my study yesterday I was reading in the Bible about the life of Jesus. How he never thought of himself, even though he was going through hard times he always turned to others in service and love. For example in Matthew 4:2-11 Satan is tempting Jesus to break his fast and turn the stones to bread, then to jump off the temple, and then to worship him. Finally Jesus tells him to leave. and in V11 it says angels came and ministered unto him. At that time John was in jail, and in JST it says and now Jesus knew that John was cast into prison, and he sent angels. They ministered to John. 
How many times do we feel burdened or that Satan is working so hard to make us fall that we feel so discouraged? Do we think of others in those moments? Instead of asking Heavenly Father to bless us do we ask him to help those in need?
Many times we ask why me? Why does this have to happen? When in reality we should be reaching out to others and not think about ourselves. That is exactly what the Saviour did. 
Well I miss you all and love you guys, Tennyson Happy Birthday don´t worry I didn´t forget this year even though I´m far away I thought of you hehe love you lots. You are the best family in the world I love showing people my pictures of you. Take care!


Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 14 July 2014

Aburto was flooded

Hi all!
How is everyone doing? This week was a little bit different because we had exchanges with the sister training leaders! (Yes I remembered the word haha) Hermana Juarez came with me to my area and oh boy I was soooo nervous I was begging Hermana Lopez to stay here and I wanted to go because staying here means you're senior companion and they do whatever you want to do. So she handed me the cell phone and I was left with Hermana Juarez. But she is sooo awesome and so nice we taught a few lessons together and I learned a lot from her. I was actually sad the next day when she left because she taught me so much and is a good missionary. Here is a picture of me and her.
We also had the meeting for all missionaries who have been here for 6 weeks. I know, almost 2 months I've been on my mission! That was really good. The AP`s are in our district and so we know them better than the others and they kept calling on me for answers when they gave talks/lessons and I would turn beat red. I get so nervous talking in front of a bunch of people in Spanish gaaaaah, I hope it goes away. And my companion just laughs at me hah!
Last Monday after I talked to you guys we ran to our appointment with Omar because we were a few minutes late and the road Aburto was flooded and we needed to cross! Hermana Lopez kept saying we should walk down farther to see if it was more dry and I finally just said lets cross there was no where less wet. The water was halfway past my ankles and knees! It was the craziest thing and watching Hermana Lopez cross was hilarious she was so scared and screaming ahaha! Then we walked back up the street and found a dry spot. How smart we are.
Well we have been continuing teaching Omar. He is progressing so good. We asked the AP`s if his brother Jorge could baptize him before he leaves on his mission so that would be around the 21st! Seriously it´s amazing seeing the difference the gospel has on people who never had it, and then how it completely changes their lives for the better. 
I also wrote you a letter and sent it off today, not sure when you`ll get it. Also can you send me Sabrina´s mailing address so I can write her as well?
The mission really is amazing. To be able to share my testimony with every single person I meet is a blessing. I tell many people how comforting it is to know I am sealed to my family for time and all eternity. That after this life it isn't the end. And that I will never loose you guys. I know God lives. We are His children. The Plan of Salvation was made for us so we can return to his presence. Sometimes we can be so occupied in our lives that we forget the real reason why we are here on Earth. But when we think about the Saviour and the covenants we made at baptism and the temple, it´s clear that the worldly things really don´t matter. When we die everything stays here. I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world and that he loved us so much he died for us so that we can return to Heavenly Father. Whenever we teach investigators I feel like I learn new things as well, or that my testimony grows. Like how we have prophets in our day. The Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And if their were prophets in the Bible and way back when. Then why wouldn't there be one today for us now? It only makes sense.
Sometimes its frustrating when people don´t want to listen or don´t agree because for me the gospel is just so clear and makes 100% sense. I feel so sad for them when they don´t want to accept it because they are missing out on an amazing opportunity. 
Well family I love you all so much! I hope you're enjoying summer and that you send some of the cooler summer weather down south that would be great :) And would you mind dad sending me a few pairs of my contacts? I changed my mind and started wearing my glasses and its magical what a difference it makes haha!
Thank you for your email and the encouragement, te amo todos!

Hermana Blackmore

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Menudo - hmmmmm good!!!

Hi all!

So I´m smiling right now because we just got out of a members house and she fed us Menudo. Haha I turned to my companion and whispered do we have to eat all of this? She said yes eat it fast it will help! Well the cow stomach is very slimy, if you try chewing it it´s a bit hard so I swallowed all of it whole and with the help of my juice, I finished it before my companion was even halfway done. I felt so bad because she has been very sick the past couple days and she had to eat it as well.
Here is a picture of the famous soup all the missionaries love ;)

​All those big chunks are the pancreas of vacas. 
Me and my companion are a good team. This one hermana fed us soooo much food and our last plate was mashed potatoes!! I was in heaven and Hermana Lopez looked at me and asked me to help her so I ate mine and most of hers ahaha I thought of how much you love potatoes too dad :)
We aren´t allowed to wear hats as missionaries but we are allowed umbrellas. My companion bought one and was all happy and then the wind blew it and broke it hahaha. I wear sunscreen every day to help me with it. Also a rule here is that all the Hermanas have to wear tights. I seriously dread tights and when I come home you will never see me in tights again. Maybe. But they are super itchy and when you sweat it doesn´t help. The area that hermanas can serve in is Peñasco, Caborca, Hermosillo, or Guaymas. Everyone wants to go to Peñasco, apparently its awesome so I hope my last transfer is there. 
People who speak English here too look at my name and say ¨Blackmore, ahhh negromas jajajaja¨ I´ve heard it like 10000x I try and smile and laugh with them but it´s really fading haha.
This week we had interviews with the President and zone conference and tomorrow we have intercambios with the Sister Training Leaders.
Yesterday Omar came to church! We were soooo happy to see him he was like ¨Why are you so happy?¨ and he stayed for all three meetings. That was probably the highlight of my week. He is worried that he is not ready to be baptized and that it is a process when you change and that he needs more time to change things in his life. So we read him Mosiah 27. About how Alma was the son of a prophet and he was rebellious. He tried to destroy the Church. After the angel visited him and he awoke, he was born again. Oh man I love that chapter and how he says that he was so close to being thrown out but through the mercy of the Lord he was forgiven and he nacido del Espíritu. It was so spiritual.
Today we had la junta de districto. Elder Ixcot, the AP talked at the end about having hope and patience. He said his first three months he didn´t baptize anyone and finally they had 8 baptismal dates set. On the same day every person changed their mind and didn´t want to. He said he was so discouraged he told his companion to plan the day by himself because he didn´t want to anymore he didn´t understand why this was happening when he was doing what the Lord wanted. We read in Preach My Gospel about hope and patience and how everything is in the Lord´s time. We have to have faith in him and know that he is aware of us and our doings. My companion gets a little discouraged at times and asks me why I´m still so happy.
Well we are here serving the Lord, what a blessing to be able to do that and to serve his children. I know the Lord is watching us and sees our works. I think of the prophets in the Book of Mormon who were cast out of the city and spit upon. Well we aren´t being spit upon or being thrown out of the city. Also I think about why we are here. Yes our purpose as missionaries is to invitar a las personas a
                                                                                                                              invite all people to
venir a Cristo a ayudarles a que reciben el Evangelio restaurado mediante la fe en Jesucristo y su 
come unto Christ to help them to receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His
expiación, el arrepentimiento, el bautismo, la recepción del don del Espíritu Santo, y 
atonement, repentance, baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost and
el perseverar hasta el fin. But we each have a different reason for choosing to serve and to be here. A 
to endure to the end.
personal reason. Never forget that desire and testimony we had before we came and use that hope to build up the kingdom of God.
Sabrina I trimmed Hermana Lopez´s hair and now all the Hermanas want me to cut theirs as well hehe. 

​This is our apartment and my bed to the right with the horse blanket :)

​Also here is calle Aburto. Me and my companion have had experiences of almost being run over on this street.

Well I love you all. Dad thank you so much for your email I´m definitely going to print it off so I can study it. I love you guys so much the more I´ve been here the more I´ve thought of how grateful I am we are sealed as a family for time and all eternity. How comforting it is to know that. I often bear my testimony of that to people here because they are amazed we leave our families to teach the gospel and I want others to have that same happiness. 

Hermana Blackmore

PS look I finally saw my name in the song There is Sunshine in My Soul Today :)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

dang that phone!!!!!!!

So a couple things happened this week. My companion got sick, it was her turn haha. Except it was her eyes. The sun is so bright that it was turning her eyes yellow and stinging really bad for her. It was crazy I have never seen anything like it. So we had to take it easy for a bit. But I think she is feeling better now and its starting to disappear.
We were contacting around 8:15 the other day. It was pretty dark out and no one on the streets. We stopped at an intersection and Hna Lopez said we should go down a street that had lights. I turned around and said we should go down this way. It was a street that was super dark and no one but I really felt we should. She thought I was crazy but said okay haha. So we walked down and found Alfonzo, an inactive member, he had been in a previous accident and using a wheelchair and somehow fell over. He was trying to get up and his chair was upside down and all his things all over the floor. It was lucky we showed up because he was trying so hard to stand and fix his stuff but there was no way he could. I felt terrible!
Also one morning we were walking to an appointment and said hi to a lady on the street as we passed and she asked us to come visit her and showed us where she lived, it was super cool that she contacted us! Haha. Her name is Fidelia. So we went to her house and she wanted to know how to know which church was true? She is Catholic and said that all churches teach the same basic things and are just a bit different and all are good. We taught her about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. The Spirit was so strong, and just as I was saying the First Vision her phone rang! But it was all good the Spirit came back after. She is such a sweet lady I´m looking forward to working with her. When we left my companion told me that every time she teaches the First Vision a distraction happens like that. And then I noticed it too when I remember lessons we´ve taught. It´s crazy how much Satan wants to stop the work and doesn´t want people to experience happiness in their lives. I´ve realized how real he is. We can´t afford to not read our scriptures, stop praying, stop going to church. Because Satan will use that against us. We also visited an inactive family who are really awesome as well. We were teaching them how important it was to do those things so we can become closer to the Lord. I told them how I remember many times before I left the house if I was going somewhere you or Mom would always tell me to be careful because Satan wants to destroy us and to remember who you are and what you stand for. 
That talk you gave me before I left is so awesome. I´ve read it like 10 times and I think of the mission more differently thanks so much for giving it to me! The neighborhood is good, a lot of poverty but the AP´s area has even more and it´s right beside ours. It´s nice to have the mission office close by and the church too. My companion is from Mexico City. It´s funny cause whenever we see a car/bug we punch each others arms and say the colour of it. She says it in English and I say it in Spanish. When we study the idioma I help her with English and vise vera. I love listening to her speak in English because it reminds me of Mom haha!
That is great you could spend time together with Bren and Ten. And hey I remembered it was Vicky´s birthday on Saturday. Also that it was my 1 month mark. Thank you for the weather update too I feel more tranquila and heard it was suppose to rain too ahhh. Apparently rain is bad because when it ends it gets hot right away and the water evaporates and yeah, not too fun.
I also bore my testimony on Sunday, I was so nervous right before Hna Lopez told me don´t turn red, right before I had to go up so of course I turned beat red haha! 
I love all the little latina girls they are so cute especially when they talk in Spanish, one girl named Anna is super loud its so funny and has black, long, curly hair and she came up behind me and grabbed my hair and was like ¨Usted tiene cabello ondulido como yo!!!!¨ and gave me the biggest hug it was so cute. 
Well I love you all and tell the family I say hi. Tell mom I love her so much and that I think about her lots and pray for you all! I can picture Ten with his super cool sunglasses driving standard like that hahaha!
Until next week!


Hermana Blackmore