Thursday, 26 June 2014

I got sick

LOL that picture of Tennyson is awesome!

Sorry last week I was rushed to send my emails but we live in the street Jesus Suqueiros entre uno y dos calles, son apartamentos. Here is a picture of the front of the house, right next to a big pink house on a corner.

So this week was kinda crazy.
I got sick. The same sickness as when we were all in Costa Rica and I had to stay in the hotel for the day because the heat made everything worse. So Elder Van Aken, the district leader, gave me a blessing. (It was funny cause he asked me my name and i said Hermana Blackmore and he said no your first name I was like oh right haha) And the rest of the day we had to stay in the apartment and I felt so bad for my companion cause she was just sitting there studying. I slept for 10 minutes then woke up and ate something and told her I couldn´t waste anymore time lets go! She was a little hesitant but we did and I felt a lot better! It was pretty sweet.
We are teaching Omar. I gotta tell you the story about him. So we went to an inactive members house to teach a lesson and he was standing in the doorway listening and would leave, then come back. The whole time i was thinking ¨we have to ask him to take the discussions!¨ At the end we asked him and he said yes. As we taught him you could just see how much happier he was everytime we came back to his house. Wow. He is always excited when we teach him. He said that when he heard us giving a lesson and when he left he felt something tell him to go back and listen to what we said. So he did and he said he is grateful he did that. Its amazing to see how the gospel can change your life. I just love it so much 
Yesterday we went to a members house for dinner and had burgers i was sooo happy it wasnt tortillas, tostadas, or menudo! hehe. Also the Bishop asked me to bear my testimony next Sunday in Spanish.
So here is a picture of me and Adelaida. She is the sweetest lady ahh I love her.

Also today we went to the church for junto de districto. The temple was right beside it so I got some pictures of that.

So whenever i think someone is cool or nice i always said me gusto el o ella. Until recently my companion corrected me and told me to say instead el o ella me cae bien because the way i say it means that im attracted to them oops ive said that alot and she decides to correct me now! hahaha. 
also people here say que suave a lot. at first i thought whaat, how soft that doesnt make sense. But they use it here when someone is nice or something nice or cool happened. And now i say it
Oh Grandma I gotta tell you everyone here says freak alllll the time. When something bad happens they say freak. And I think of you every time ahahaha especially when you said that to Bina lol. And thank you for your letter it made my day!
Well I love you all so much! Today has been crazy and we have a cita with Omar right now!

Hermana Blackmore