Monday, 9 June 2014

1st Day!!!!!

Dad! It was awesome talking to you on the phone I sure miss you and the family. So once I got off the phone with you I flew to Hermosillo. On my flight I sat next to an older man and started talking to him about the gospel. I gave him a card that had the mormon website on it and told him to check it out. He was impressed that I was going away for 18 months to a different country, all by myself, with hardly much contact with my family to teach the gospel. So I bore my testimony of why I´m serving. He was super nice and said he would check out the site. 
 My companion is Mexican and only speaks Spanish, her name is Hermana Lopez. She told me she was worried that I didnt know how to speak because the other Hermanas that came barely did and I was just kinda quiet the whole time we were at the mission office but then I started blabbing away when we were together and she was relieved haha. 
This evening we are teaching my first discussion. I am pretty nervous cause this time it´s for real and in Spanish. The weather is almost unbearable. We walk everywhere or take a bus. It´s impossible not to be sweaty and you pretty much have to shower two times a day. On Tuesday Hermosillo was the hottest city in the world that day. And summer isnt even at its peak yet here. How am I going to survive oh dang. You can´t even wear your hair down only on Sundays when you go to church because it is so hot. I already got sunburned today. (Don´t worry dad it´s not that bad and I´m wearing sunscreen now) Also the city is very poor it reminds me so much of Costa Rica. Dirt roads, garbage everywhere, smelly, and the traffic is insane. But I´m excited to get to know the people and love them and serve them. It´s so awesome here. Hermana Lopez reminds me a lot of my cousin Jessica hahaha shes funny like her. This month has been the most baptisms we´ve had in this whole mission so we hope to keep it up. I am just so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and share his gospel with his children. It is such a happy message that I want everyone to hear. I want to just give it my all and 100% because I know it´s going to go by fast and I don´t want to regret anything. Thank you so much mom and dad for being so strong in the gospel and teaching us growing up. You are such an inspiration and I admire you guys so much. I tell everyone about how amazing my parents are and how they couldn´t have done a better job raising us kids. I love you and I promise to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength till the end.
Hermana Blackmore