Monday, 16 June 2014

1223413423 x hotter

Hey Dad! I sure miss you thank you for that e-mail! This week has been crazy. The members have been giving us lots of referrals. We are blessed. We have been teaching a girl named Evelyn and she has a baptism date set for the 12th. She is really progessing. Also we are teaching Omar. This area is new for both me and Hermana Lopez so we had no where to start so we visited with the members and contacted a lot. Hermosillo reminds me so much of Costa Rica. Except 1223413423x hotter. We walk all day in the sun and some days no one answers their door and its like ähh please open up we are dying out here! But esta bien. Today we had zone conference and it was on the other side of the city and on our way back we got lost on the bus.. took us forever to get back to our area. Siquedos entre uno y dos is our address. If you google map it we are right beside a pink house with white doors. The church right beside the temple is the one we go to as well.
I have been drinking lots of water. The most i´ve ever had. I have never in my life sweated this much its horrible. Every day. The worst is when you go to a members house for dinner and you walk for so long (covered in sweat) and they feed you hot soup and they have no air conditioning. Ahhhh! Haha, its quite an experience.
There is a lady here named Adelaida and she is muy suave. She hemmed my skirt for me and worries about us in the heat and gives us lots of referrals. She reminds me of Abuela :)
So I haven´t been using my glasses cause they get annoying but I am doing well without my contacts so maybe if you could just save them for me and I´ll let you know if I need them?
Also I´m not sunburned just a little on my face. The rest exposed to the sun is tanned and I use sunblock every day
My spanish is getting better and when I talk in English its a little teeny bit harder.. I have to think more for the right words its so weird.
Anyways I love you dad and tell the rest of the family I love them too! Tell mom she is the best and I tell funny stories about her to my companion and we laugh together hehe!
Take care
Hermana Blackmore

PS. Forgot to say we ate this soup called Menudo and I didn´t find out till after I ate it that there is cow stomach in it! ahhhh