Thursday, 26 June 2014

I got sick

LOL that picture of Tennyson is awesome!

Sorry last week I was rushed to send my emails but we live in the street Jesus Suqueiros entre uno y dos calles, son apartamentos. Here is a picture of the front of the house, right next to a big pink house on a corner.

So this week was kinda crazy.
I got sick. The same sickness as when we were all in Costa Rica and I had to stay in the hotel for the day because the heat made everything worse. So Elder Van Aken, the district leader, gave me a blessing. (It was funny cause he asked me my name and i said Hermana Blackmore and he said no your first name I was like oh right haha) And the rest of the day we had to stay in the apartment and I felt so bad for my companion cause she was just sitting there studying. I slept for 10 minutes then woke up and ate something and told her I couldn´t waste anymore time lets go! She was a little hesitant but we did and I felt a lot better! It was pretty sweet.
We are teaching Omar. I gotta tell you the story about him. So we went to an inactive members house to teach a lesson and he was standing in the doorway listening and would leave, then come back. The whole time i was thinking ¨we have to ask him to take the discussions!¨ At the end we asked him and he said yes. As we taught him you could just see how much happier he was everytime we came back to his house. Wow. He is always excited when we teach him. He said that when he heard us giving a lesson and when he left he felt something tell him to go back and listen to what we said. So he did and he said he is grateful he did that. Its amazing to see how the gospel can change your life. I just love it so much 
Yesterday we went to a members house for dinner and had burgers i was sooo happy it wasnt tortillas, tostadas, or menudo! hehe. Also the Bishop asked me to bear my testimony next Sunday in Spanish.
So here is a picture of me and Adelaida. She is the sweetest lady ahh I love her.

Also today we went to the church for junto de districto. The temple was right beside it so I got some pictures of that.

So whenever i think someone is cool or nice i always said me gusto el o ella. Until recently my companion corrected me and told me to say instead el o ella me cae bien because the way i say it means that im attracted to them oops ive said that alot and she decides to correct me now! hahaha. 
also people here say que suave a lot. at first i thought whaat, how soft that doesnt make sense. But they use it here when someone is nice or something nice or cool happened. And now i say it
Oh Grandma I gotta tell you everyone here says freak alllll the time. When something bad happens they say freak. And I think of you every time ahahaha especially when you said that to Bina lol. And thank you for your letter it made my day!
Well I love you all so much! Today has been crazy and we have a cita with Omar right now!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 16 June 2014

1223413423 x hotter

Hey Dad! I sure miss you thank you for that e-mail! This week has been crazy. The members have been giving us lots of referrals. We are blessed. We have been teaching a girl named Evelyn and she has a baptism date set for the 12th. She is really progessing. Also we are teaching Omar. This area is new for both me and Hermana Lopez so we had no where to start so we visited with the members and contacted a lot. Hermosillo reminds me so much of Costa Rica. Except 1223413423x hotter. We walk all day in the sun and some days no one answers their door and its like ähh please open up we are dying out here! But esta bien. Today we had zone conference and it was on the other side of the city and on our way back we got lost on the bus.. took us forever to get back to our area. Siquedos entre uno y dos is our address. If you google map it we are right beside a pink house with white doors. The church right beside the temple is the one we go to as well.
I have been drinking lots of water. The most i´ve ever had. I have never in my life sweated this much its horrible. Every day. The worst is when you go to a members house for dinner and you walk for so long (covered in sweat) and they feed you hot soup and they have no air conditioning. Ahhhh! Haha, its quite an experience.
There is a lady here named Adelaida and she is muy suave. She hemmed my skirt for me and worries about us in the heat and gives us lots of referrals. She reminds me of Abuela :)
So I haven´t been using my glasses cause they get annoying but I am doing well without my contacts so maybe if you could just save them for me and I´ll let you know if I need them?
Also I´m not sunburned just a little on my face. The rest exposed to the sun is tanned and I use sunblock every day
My spanish is getting better and when I talk in English its a little teeny bit harder.. I have to think more for the right words its so weird.
Anyways I love you dad and tell the rest of the family I love them too! Tell mom she is the best and I tell funny stories about her to my companion and we laugh together hehe!
Take care
Hermana Blackmore

PS. Forgot to say we ate this soup called Menudo and I didn´t find out till after I ate it that there is cow stomach in it! ahhhh

Monday, 9 June 2014

1st Day!!!!!

Dad! It was awesome talking to you on the phone I sure miss you and the family. So once I got off the phone with you I flew to Hermosillo. On my flight I sat next to an older man and started talking to him about the gospel. I gave him a card that had the mormon website on it and told him to check it out. He was impressed that I was going away for 18 months to a different country, all by myself, with hardly much contact with my family to teach the gospel. So I bore my testimony of why I´m serving. He was super nice and said he would check out the site. 
 My companion is Mexican and only speaks Spanish, her name is Hermana Lopez. She told me she was worried that I didnt know how to speak because the other Hermanas that came barely did and I was just kinda quiet the whole time we were at the mission office but then I started blabbing away when we were together and she was relieved haha. 
This evening we are teaching my first discussion. I am pretty nervous cause this time it´s for real and in Spanish. The weather is almost unbearable. We walk everywhere or take a bus. It´s impossible not to be sweaty and you pretty much have to shower two times a day. On Tuesday Hermosillo was the hottest city in the world that day. And summer isnt even at its peak yet here. How am I going to survive oh dang. You can´t even wear your hair down only on Sundays when you go to church because it is so hot. I already got sunburned today. (Don´t worry dad it´s not that bad and I´m wearing sunscreen now) Also the city is very poor it reminds me so much of Costa Rica. Dirt roads, garbage everywhere, smelly, and the traffic is insane. But I´m excited to get to know the people and love them and serve them. It´s so awesome here. Hermana Lopez reminds me a lot of my cousin Jessica hahaha shes funny like her. This month has been the most baptisms we´ve had in this whole mission so we hope to keep it up. I am just so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and share his gospel with his children. It is such a happy message that I want everyone to hear. I want to just give it my all and 100% because I know it´s going to go by fast and I don´t want to regret anything. Thank you so much mom and dad for being so strong in the gospel and teaching us growing up. You are such an inspiration and I admire you guys so much. I tell everyone about how amazing my parents are and how they couldn´t have done a better job raising us kids. I love you and I promise to serve with all my heart, might, mind, and strength till the end.
Hermana Blackmore

Letter from the mission president

Estimada Familia Blackmore:

Nos sentimos muy felices de haber recibido a Hermana Blackmore el día hoy. Estamos muy contentos por tenerle en nuestra Misión, en esta dispensación tan especial de grandes cambios e increíbles bendiciones, ya se encuentra sirviendo en su nueva área con su compañero entrenador. 
Les invitamos a que sigan alentándole por medio de cartas semanales, y estén seguros que el Señor le bendecirá de acuerdo a su fe y a su diligencia. 

Les adjuntamos algunas fotos que se tomaron cuando Hermana Blackmore llegó aquí hoy en la mañana.

La dirección de las oficinas es:
García Conde #301 y Cabral, Colonia Pitic, Hermosillo Sonora.
C.P. 83150 (Para paquetes o cartas que quieran enviar a su misionero)

Si tiene cualquier pregunta, no dude en comunicarse con nosotros.

Que tengan excelente semana. Favor de responder este mensaje de entregado.

Presidente y Hermana Hernández


Thanks so much to Karli Hurren and her family for picking me up at the Salt Lake Airport and dropping me off at the MTC the next day!!!!!!!


Everything is going great! I am only in the MTC for 12 days. I leave next Monday to Hermosillo. So I have to be ready at 3:30AM and will be driven to the Salt Lake Airport. So I am going to be calling super early most likely. I fly to Phoenix Arizona and then catch another plane to Mexico. So Dad keep your volume on your cell phone on because I will be calling it :) 

I have 2 companions, Hermana Galbraith is from Rexburg Idaho and going to Mexico City North, Hermana Jones is from Memphis Tennesse going to Oaxica Mexico. I love them. We get along great. No one in my district is going to Hermosillo but somewhere Spanish speaking. I love learning the language. I only speak Spanish and am catching more of it quick. My district is awesome. At the beginning my teacher said that by the end we will be like a family. I thought, yeah right. But really we are. One day we were all so discouraged about different weaknesses and things we were going through, so together we knelt in a circle and one of us said the most humble prayer to the Lord. The Spirit was so strong. Ahhh I just love it here. 
Yesterday I had to fly to Las Vegas at 4:30AM and deal with my visa stuff. I was so nervous because I was going to be alone. I drove to the airport with other missionaries going to their missions in Las Vegas so they were all calling home. The day before we had a devotional by Elder Bednar saying we need to let go of the natural man and be selfless, thinking of others and not of ourselves. Such an inspiring talk wow. So I saw an Elder sitting down looking sad and I went and asked him what was wrong. He said that he couldn't phone home because his calling card wasn't working and left him with no minutes. I was given money for food for the day and gave it to him to call his family, leaving me with nothing but it was so worth it to see him happy and grateful to talk to his family. When I got to Vegas and got off the plane a couple called my name and said they were also getting visas and that they were preparing to be a mission president for the Jalapa Mexico mission. It was so awesome. Brother and Sister Greer were one of the most nicest people I have ever met. I ended up driving with them to the Consolada de Mexico and then spent the day with them. They bought all of my meals as well. I asked them how he was called as the mission president and they were originally serving a mission in Honduras and then were recommended by the Stake President to be one and Elder Dallin H Oaks phoned him and interviewed him. So cool. Also they showed me everything they have to study before they go. It was alot! Sister Greer was feeling so stressed especially because she didn't know the language. Anyways, so glad I was able to stick with them for the trip. We got to the airport early and I was exhausted. I was debating on taking a nap but I decided to study my scriptures instead. I asked the front desk if I could be moved to a window right before I was boarding and he put me in first class. It's amazing the blessings you can receive when you do what the Lord wants you to do and put him first. I have learned so much being here. The Spirit really does dwell in the MTC. Together as missionaries we sang Called to Serve and it was amazing! I've just loved every moment I've had here. 
So when I first got here I struggled with fatigue all the time. Then I got used to the hours of sleep but when I went to Vegas and back it kind of ruined that for me so now I'm trying to stay awake and alert and just get used to the sleep again.
Mom do you mind going to the bank and checking to see if my bank card is frozen? I tried using it at the bookstore but it declined so I'm not sure what happened I just don't know if it froze, maybe tell them that I am here in Utah as well so I can use it please?
I love you all so much! Sabrina I'm so excited for you its going to be a life changing experience (BTW we aren't allowed maxi skirts, I'm getting a seamstress to cut mine) and I keep telling everyone your going on a mission the same time as me haha. Some Elders from Peru say that it is super hot so be ready :)
I can't believe I'll be leaving soon to Hermosillo. I am so excited but sad to say goodbye to my companions. I love them so much. When I went to Vegas by myself and came home we all were just so happy to see eachother again. I am so sad that this computer won't let me send you pictures, hopefully the computer next week will and I'll send you some. I love you all so much! 

Hermana Blackmore