Monday, 29 December 2014

the season is for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ

Hola que onda!

Well this week was so awesome, I had the privilege of spending Christmas here in Pueblitos and I have to say, I never really understood, or paid attention to the true meaning of Christmas until this year. I can truly tell you that presents and all that stuff doesn´t matter and that the season is for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.
Something that really made my week is that I found out that one of my investigators from my old area is getting baptized. AND someone took away that dead dog lying in front of our house yaay.
So my companion couldn´t talk to her family the same day I talked to you guys because they weren't online or something, so we went to a member's house the next day and she talked to them with the other hermanas. Well that family wasn´t home and left the keys to their house and told us their bathroom was broken and that if we wanted to use it we had to turn a key outside. Hna Rauch realllly had to go so we turned the key outside and then while she was in the bathroom we heard a big POW and water just streaming! She was yelling ¨shut it off!!!!!¨ I booked it outside and turned it off and we went to check on her and she was soaking wet and I guess she said when she went to flush the toilet the tap behind just flung off and the water was spraying at her face and she was covering it with her hands and the floor was all wet! I was laughing so hard and thank goodness we were able to clean it up and the members never got mad, but a good story hehe. 
This Christmas we ate tamales 3 days in a row. I am soooo sick of them now.
Well family, I want you all to hear some of my testimony again, haha.
I want you to know that I know this church is true, with all of my heart. I know that God lives and that through his son Jesus Christ we can all be saved. There is no greater or more precious gift than the Atonement. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that he was a chosen man called to restore the gospel once again on the earth. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of god. I can honestly say that it is 100% true. I know it because I have read it and have felt the Spirit testify to me of its truthfulness. I have heard many times that before you leave on the mission you are convinced the church is true, but on your mission you are converted. There is no way I can live my life without the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I know there are people in Fort St. James whom the Lord is preparing to hear it. I am looking forward to coming home and sharing my testimony with families there, so that they may have that change to experience true happiness and have eternal life. 
I love you all sooo much

Hermana Blackmore

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Hello is anyone there?

Hello is anyone there?

I forgive you I know your busy and that you may forget to write me weekly.
Are you excited for this week? Before I forget, Skype on the 24th at 4pm alrighty? 
So this week was pretty cool because we had a ward Christmas devotional and the Relief Society got asked to sing and the Relief Society President asked if I could lead it. It was super fun and we had to practice a bit before because some of the sisters were a little off tune hehe. But there was a lot of people at the devotional. The whole sacrament filled which was awesome.
There we are getting prepared to sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing. YAY!

And here is a picture of today, as a zone we ordered t shirts. Me and my companion on the side and Elder Huerta. Hes hilarious and the "zone clown"

For Pday we did a pinata! And The district leader was pretending to fight me and someone yelled "pégale!!" and I hit him by accident whooops!

And we did present exchanges today.
Zone Conference

Well I love you all and this is super short but only because I get to talk to you on the 24th, so I sent more pictures instead. Take care and hope you have an excellent week!!!


Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 15 December 2014

They all asked "Lord, is it I?"


So this week few activities/things happened. My companion went to the temple on Wednesday and I stayed with some another sister near our area. Not sure if I told you but President said that you can only go through twice on the mission. Once when your halfway through and and at the end. So Hna Rodriguez went and me and Hna Rauch were together for a bit. She is super nice and we had a huge heart to heart about life. Shes from California.
We also had Multizonas this week. President and his wife talked, as well as the AP's. I learned a lot. We all have a light within us that impulses us. We chose to come here on the mission, not knowing what to expect fully. But we all came with light. We must be mindful to not stray and go into dark places, or, we have to remember the things of the Lord are first. Nothing is worth this time here on the mission. Family, friends, education, etc. can wait. But the Lord can't. He needs us. 
Those words were just ringing in my brain all day about how valuable time is and how much the Lord confides in us and the responsibility we have as missionaries. 
Right after we had intercambios with the Sister Training Leaders. I went with Hermana Perez. So as you know we contact people on the streets and give them the El es la Dádiva cards and show them the video. It was night time and we talked past this house where this man was sitting in his yard and his kids were playing. We decided to contact him and told him about the video and the real significance of Christmas is to remember the Saviour and the love our Heavenly Father has for us in sending him to Earth. Before we showed him the video he really looked depressed and when it was over he was like "wow thank you so much for sharing with me this video I reaaaally needed it" and it seemed like his face lit up. He then told us he is going through a divorce and all these other problems he had. But wow, seeing the change in his face made my day. I felt so bad for him but it is comforting to know that through the Atonement of Christ we can be healed and feel peace again.
We also got our Liahonas for this month and last month finally. And I read all the general conference talks that were given and wow, they are soooo great. One of my favourites is by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, the one he gave in the Priesthood Session (hehe) its called "Lord, Is It I?" If you haven't read it, do it! He talks at the beginning about the last night the Saviour was with the apostles and told them one of them would betray him. They all asked "Lord, is it I?" Not pointing their finger at someone else but worrying about themselves. As human beings we all make mistakes and have weaknesses. The only way to progress in this life is if we let go of our pride, humble ourselves and not point our finger at someone else but rather ask that question within ourselves "Lord, is it I?" And if the Lord says yes, accept it, realizing you aren't perfect and will fall short, and repent. That is the only way we can become like Jesus, isn't that what we all want?
It was funny because after reading that talk I started reflecting on myself and my life and kneeled down in prayer for forgiveness and help in my weaknesses. I set a goal for myself to not think about anyone else's mistakes or faults but to look at myself. Not too long after I had a little challenge with my companion and I had hurt her feelings saying something I thought was harmless. But honestly it didn't matter how harmless I thought it was, I had hurt her feelings and I needed to let go of my pride and ask her for forgiveness. 
This life isn't easy and we shouldn't ever expect it to be. But it is the time to prepare and to always ask ourselves what the Saviour would do in our position. As members of the church we constantly say we are following Jesus Christ, or trying to be like him. That means we must be willing to humble ourselves and look within ourselves and ponder what we are doing right now to be his followers. And if there is something we need to change, repent immediately. Acknowledge our shortcomings, that no one is perfect, and allow the Atonement of Jesus Christ to heal us and make our weaknesses our strengths. 
So I guess I forgot to talk much about my apartment hey? Well when we got here the house seriously looked abandoned. It was sooo filthy inside and the previous missionaries left all their bags of garbage inside so it smelled super bad! We cleaned it pretty good but it is a really really old house and doesn't have a washer, we wash clothes by hand which is new for me. The Familia Quintana from my old area gave me a ride to this area when I first started haha, they are awesome. 
So is it still good to skype then on the 24th? Not sure on the time but I'll let you know next Sunday. I miss you all and pray for you!!!


Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 8 December 2014

they grab our hymn books cause they know we sing


Well this week was pretty good. We have been working super hard in our area. I love it. I thought I would have a hard time loving an area like my first but I really enjoy working here and the members are super sweet. We went to the Christmas Devotional Broadcast yesterday and wow, I love Christmas so much. I was thinking a lot about my family and and that the best Christmas present I could ever get would be just spending the day all together. (Next year obviously) I can't wait to visit with you all and enjoy each others company. 
The members here are great though, we have had so many people invite us over for dinner Christmas week and guess what I heard? This Christmas the average person in Mexico is expected to gain 10 kilos. No. Way. It is so true that people here eat soooo much food, especially unhealthy stuff. And at the stores there are more breads, cakes, pastries, candies, chocolates, etc. during Christmas time. 
So my companion wants to Skype her family on the 24th instead of the 25th because they will be gone at that time. So I'll have to skype you guys on that day as well. I have my skype username still and know my password so its all good. Its solanablackmore in case if we aren't friends. Not sure of the time yet, do we have a time difference Dad?


Here is a picture of me and my companion at church on Sunday. It is still pretty hot here and its so funny cause in the mornings people are walking around with sweaters and jackets because its a bit cooler and we walked like this. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy. Seeing all your snow pictures makes me smile, I wonder how it'll be when I come home and if it'll feel way colder or what.
Here is Lulu and Angel. Super cute kids, whenever we walk to their house and they see us walking they run up to us and grab our backpacks and wear them back for us. And then they grab our hymn books cause they know we sing and then afterwards fold their arms and tell everyone to be quiet for the prayer. Aha!
I am glad to hear that mom has some of those cards in the pizza place. It is super cool because the prophet said that if we hand out these cards, we will find the families prepared to hear the gospel. We just had a district meeting on them and "He is the Gift"
Well I love you all and can't wait to skype and see how different you all are hehehe! LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 1 December 2014


Que honda!

Well my first week in Pueblitos went really well. 
The people here are so accepting it shocked me at first. We have found a lot of people to teach. My companion, Hermana Rodriguez is really nice and a super good missionary. She is really motivated to find and work. She only has 2 transfers left so I just hope she doesn't die on me haha. 

So a lot of questions and comments I've been getting here is that when I say I'm from Canada people say "Do you know Justin Bieber!?" Oh ya totally. Also that I look like Shakira. Those are the common two I hear haha. 
Okay this week we had a zone meeting and we all had to introduce ourselves to the zone and my zone leader was like "My name is Elder Alvarenga and I'm from Paraguay, I served there also for the first bit of my mission waiting for my visa." I thought it was a long shot but I was like "Hey did you know Elder Blackmore?" and he was like "ELDER BLACKMORE WAS MY ZONE LEADER! HAY EVERYONE HERMANA BLACKMORES BROTHER WAS MY ZONE LEADER!" and he whipped out his camera and showed me pictures of Brendan it was sooo cool, and telling everyone lol! What a small world I keep finding connections to the family. So we took a picture together. He even does the thumbs up like Duke ahahaha!
Also we had a zone meeting about an event that is taking place in December. El es el Dádiva. Or He is The Gift. Have you heard of it? The church paid youtube to post this video on December 7th on the birth of Jesus Christ. It is expected to have over 200 million viewers. The missionaries were given little cards to hand out to our investigators and aside from our weekly datos we send it, we have to fill out another one on the references we receive from the video, new investigators, etc. and report them to church headquarters to see how successful it was. When I heard this my mouth just dropped and Elder Bernal was like "Hermana Blackmore, whats your opinion on this?" Haha I didn't know what to say at first. But it is for sure certain that the Lord is pressuring the work and that it was inspired of God to have this event happen. And it is our job as missionaries/members to tell everyone about it. I got so antsy in my seat I wanted to go out and tell everyone about it right then and there. It's going to last all of December. So if you want to know more about it go on to And if you can, share it on facebook, twitter, whatever way you can to help contribute. This is so exciting!
So this week I had the opportunity to realize certain things. One being the importance of having the gospel/spirit in your home. I knew it was important before, but I feel it is now reinforced in my brain. We taught a family. The mom and her two kids. Seeing their faces you could tell they were unhappy and just broken. We taught the first points on the Restoration, We have a loving Heavenly Father and the Gospel Blesses Families. The two kids are 10 and 12 and were really trying to find God. They both grabbed the Book of Mormon and were hugging it when we gave it to them to read. Then the mom said the final prayer and asked that her husband who she is divorcing can receive help. When she said amen I looked up and they were all just streaming with tears. I felt horrible for them and wanted to cry with them but I know that they can find peace and comfort in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That the Atonement is the key to everything. I know that we can be healed from all our pains and sorrows. What a remarkable blessing. He is the Gift. 
Dad don't worry about sending me anything, I don't need anything and if I do I can get it here in Mexico. Thank you so much though.
I want you all to know that I know this is the true church of Christ. That he is at the head of it and leads it through the prophet. I know that the Atonement is real. That we can be made clean again through Repentance. Being here on the mission I have thought a lot about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I love what Elder Holland said bluntly. "If you are going to be his disciple, how dare you ask to not go close to the pain he felt. If you are going to be his disciple, you better have some evidence." Plain and simple. The mission is not easy. You are still faced with trials and challenges even if you have a plaque on your chest. In order to progress and be a follower of Jesus Christ, it is expected you will be tried. So endure through it and show Heavenly Father you're willing to do what it takes. I absolutely love my mission, but I can now understand how people have said it was the best/most hardest thing they've ever done. The reward is greater than the fight.
I love you all and hope that your doing well. Looking forward to skyping you soon :)


Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 24 November 2014

I got transferred to Pueblitos

Hola que onda!

Well looks like I was right, I got transferred to Pueblitos. The most north part of the city and its like the outskirts. It feels super weird. My companion is named Hna Rodriguez and I just thought oh wow what a coincidence that Binas comp is Rodriguez too. Now we are matching!! Haha, we are also opening the area so I am a little stressed about that. 
Most of the areas are in Hermosillo, the hermanas can also go to Peñasco, Caborca, and Guaymas. Cananea, Nogales, and Agua prieta are Elders only. They are closer to the border so a little more dangerous is what they say.   
I was so sad to leave my area, being so comfortable there and knowing everyone was so great. I was especially sad to leave the familia Quintana. We had a family home evening with them this week and they made me lasagna and cheesecake. I am going to miss them so much. They said if I ever need anything to call them and they will be there. Its great to have a family who you consider your own here on the mission and that you can trust. 

 Hna Leah (my missionary mom) took me to the bus station to pick up my companion and took us all the way to Pueblitos. We got to the house and the previous missionaries left it so dirty. Cob webs everywhere and it looked like it was deserted for years. Hna Leah was shocked and started to clean it lol then was like "This is unacceptable!" But there is nothing we can do about it. So we said goodbye and then she drove back 10 minutes later and had gone to the grocery store and bought us a bunch of food. Such an amazing lady I love her sooo much. 
So before transfers while I was still in Modelo Hna Metler got so sick and threw up on her bed, I didn't make it in time to give her a garbage bag (food poisoning) and wow I can not deal with hearing it, I had to plug my ears I felt so bad! Plus she has a bad cough. So we went to the hospital the next day and the doctor said she was fine, except her ear and said that its a little puffy. Weird that all of it had to do with her ear eh? I am going to miss her she was a great companion as well. I learned a lot from her.
I don't know much about Pueblitos, just that there are over 800 members and only 100 active. I don't even know where to start right now this feels super weird. Right after we write we are going to buy food and fill up the water jugs and finish cleaning the house. 
I can't believe you finally got my letter. That is crazy. I sent that when I was with Hna Lopez way long ago. Don't understand why mailing takes such a long time here. Well I can't think of anything else to say for this week and we don't have much time to write. I miss you all and I'll let you know how my first week goes. LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Blackmore
our investigator Martina cried so hard when I left.I felt so bad! Her eyes are so red. Great people   

Monday, 17 November 2014

I have so many memories here

Hola que honda familia!

So this week we had a baptism. Alex got baptized and it was the best day everrrr! 1st of all I had to give a baptism talk and i was super nervous! I think it went well. But Alex´s baptism was soo so special because his dad baptized him. And if you knew his dad before wow you would be amazed at how he's changed in a happy and spiritual way. He's a very serious man and very conservative, but with us he is comfortable around and we make jokes and have great spiritual discussions. So his parents went inactive for about 10 years. After the baptism we planned that his parents would bear their testimonies. As soon as his mom got up she started crying and saying how sorry she was that she had kept Alex from being baptized and that she was preventing him from receiving so many blessings from our Heavenly Father. Then she testified of the Church and said it was true.
I loved hearing Hno Luis´s testimony (the dad) he said ¨I want everyone here to know, but especially my children, that I KNOW this church is true¨ and when he said it he just stared at Alex and his daughter. It was the best thing ever because he is always so quiet about the gospel and doesn´t ever share his testimony. I seriously was holding back tears. Then he thanked us for helping bring them back and I just felt sooo grateful. It was so worth walking in the summer in the hot sun to their house, arriving so sweaty and gross. Worth all the fallen appointments and the efforts of going back to teach them. Worth everything. I would go back and do it all again for that family. They are sooo special and will always have a special place in my heart. 

I feel a little sad because this is my last week in this area. I know i am getting transferred after this and I am going to have such a hard time saying goodbye to everyone, especially that family. I sat by them in church yesterday and told them this was my last week, (the APs told me to pack my stuff because I´m for sure going.) and their faces dropped. I´m just sad too because this is where I started my mission, where I had so many experiences and where I´ve changed so much. I have so many memories here. I can´t imagine how sad I am going to be when I come home and leave Hermosillo. I will definitely want to see you all but there are so many people here who I have gotten close with. Members and investigators. 
So I went with Hna Lucy to her dental office and she cleaned mine and my companion's teeth. First of all, her office is SO nice! It used to be her house then she bought another and turned it into her office. I told her how interested I was in dentistry and we talked the whole time about it! She told me if I ever came back to Hermosillo I can work with her in her office haha. AND I got no cavities :) Super nice lady, she said if we need our teeth cleaned or checked throughout the mission to go to her and she will do it all for free! YAY
Well it has gotten colder somewhat. I see people in the morning with sweaters on and I think they are crazy. In our house we don´t have gas so when we get home at night and shower the water is seriously freeezing!! 
Also today for Pday the zone leaders ordered zone tshirts and we played soccer all day! It was great, I´ll attach some pictures of that and the baptism. You´ll notice my shirt doesn´t say Pitic on the front (zone name) ahaha they´re going to fix that for me!
To be honest I haven´t been wearing contacts because I am too lazy in the mornings to put them on, so I know my eye infection didn´t have to do with contacts. It was definitely the air pollution here, it was windy and dirt got into my eye. Ahh what a story, me and my comp laugh about it all the time now. 
Well I love you all so much! Glad to get so many pictures, I enjoy seeing them each week and showing them to the missionaries around me, Take care, Love you lots!!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 10 November 2014

No biggy, I thought it was just an insect bite

Hello Hello!

So this week was super interesting. On Tuesday I woke up with a little puffy eye. No biggy, I thought it was just an insect bite and all day me and Hermana Metler were making a joke out of it. That night I woke up at 2 in the morning and could not sleep! My eye was swollen shut and half my face was just so sore, it was super nice because Hermana Metler stayed up with me all night and just told me stories so I didnt get scared or think about it. In the morning we phoned Hna Leah, (my missionary mom hehe, I love her so much) I talked to her and asked her if she could take me to the hospital, she is the sweetest lady ever she was calling me ¨mija¨ and ¨mi amor¨ and I started crying on the phone explaining everything cause I was a little freaked out, Lolol. She told us to come over right away to get a priesthood blessing and then go to the hospital. So we went to the hospital and there was a lineup at the front desk to sign in and she just marched up to the front and was like ¨ya I got a missionary here who needs someone right away¨ it was so funny and so latina! reminded me of mom.
The doctors here are horrible. They got mad at me that I didn't come in the first day it was puffy, and they just started prescribing me 3 different pills and eye drops and telling me when to take them. Then i was like ¨okay what do I have?¨ and they finally told me i had an eye infection from the air here in Hermosillo, its been a little windy and lifting all the dirt and sand the past few days. But yeah it was quite an adventure, then Hna Leah took us out to eat and gave me sunglasses to wear because it was so embarrassing everyone was staring at my eye!!! and I got special permission to wear it for the rest of the day even though i looked silly with them at night time ahahaha

this is day 1, no biggie right?

lol!!!! my comp took some sneaky pictures, just letting you know we had like no sleep that night and i look terrible ahaha! 

afterwards Hna Leah took us to a salad store to eat! (with my kewl shades)

coolest missionaries around

us in the garden of Eden!! (a garden center, had super cool plants and flowers)

So ya as you can tell we had some fun things happen this last week haha.
Also, I am soooo excited because this weekend Alex is getting baptized! Remember the family me and Hna Lopez reactivated? Familia Quintana (Hna Leah is the grandma of them) Well Alex is getting baptized and his Dad is baptizing him!!! Its going to be super special I am so happy for them. Tonight we are doing a family home evening altogether.
I love this gospel so much. I have been realizing how true it is that the Lord is preparing his children and that it is our responsibility to find them.
We have been teaching Martina and Rodrigo, I can't remember if I mentioned it in my other emails but Rodrigo is progressing so well, he is almost done Reading 1 Nephi and wants to read the entire book of Mormon. He asks for time off work so we can teach him, he is just so dedicated and has such a strong desire to come unto Christ. I actually had a dream about him before I came on the mission. I remember talking to an older guy with a mustache and there was a black door behind him with red curtains and I was a missionary teaching a lesson. Then as we were teaching him I remembered the dream and later told him about it in better details.
I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ. His church. That through his prophet Thomas S Monson he guides and directs it. My testimony grows every week and I am constantly learning new things. I love my mission so much. There is nothing better I could be doing right now than being right here and serving the Lord. There is not an hour that can be wasted, I want to come home pleased with myself, knowing I put my most best effort into my mission. There is nothing better.
I love you all, take care and until next week! :)

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 3 November 2014

they waited so that his Dad could baptize him


So this week was pretty busy, I feel like they all are haha. But we had intercambios with the Sister Training Leaders. I stayed in my area and I learned a lot from Hna Adamson. I love working with new missionaries and as you said Dad, learning from their techniques and putting it into how I teach.
We have a baptism in 2 weeks. I am super excited. It is for the family me and Hna Lopez reactivated. Their son who is 11 years old is getting baptized, they waited so that his Dad could baptize him. It is going to be super special I cannot wait. They requested if Hna Lopez could be there as well but we have to get permission from President because its a rule that we cant attend baptisms out of our zone. 
Normally in Mexico the people don´t celebrate Halloween, but because Hermosillo is close to the States, the tradition is brought here. So many members were giving us candy we are so sick of it haha.
Yesterday we were giving a member family a lesson. They never have given us names and always say none of their neighbors want to hear the gospel or that they have given all their names out already. But when we were teaching the Spirit was super strong. Both the mom and dad were bearing their testimony and you could definitely feel that peace and comfort of the Holy Ghost. I felt impressed to ask them for names halfway through, but I was scared. Well maybe not scared but I kinda doubted, thinking that they would just say no. But the feeling wouldn´t leave, so I asked ¨Hno and Hna, we know our message is true. That it brings that peace and happiness to our lives, and many people are searching for it and need it as well. Do you have any friends that could benefit from this?¨ Without hesitation the mom was like ¨YES!¨ I was super shocked and jumped a little at how quick she responded, and that they had names! I was definitely grateful for that experience. I have seriously learned so much. 
Going on a mission is better than a year and a half of university. You learn way more and grow so much. My testimony of the Atonement has increased. I know the Saviour lives. I know that the sufferings and pains he went through, he did out of pure love. He lived the hardest life out of anyone who has walked this earth, yet he lived it perfectly. He set the most perfect example to all of us. I like what Jeffrey R Holland said, something like if we want to be disciples of Jesus Christ and say we are as missionaries, we better be prepared to suffer at least a tear of what he felt. And come home saying we did the will of the Father. It is so true. There is not a minute we can waste. It is not easy. Life is hard. But it is the time to show we are willing to make it through, willing to endure the trials and heartache of whatever we may encounter, and come face to face with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and feel good with our works here on the earth, then enter into His rest. How amazing will that day be? 
I love you all, its good to hear from you each week and know how everyone is doing, sounds like your all busy with your lives and that all is well. How is Brendan doing in school? 
So there is an investigator that the Elders are working with, she is super awesome her name is Lucy and she is a dentist. Guess what? She is going to clean mine and my companions teeth for free! And do a dental check up and everything, I am so excited. Also I told her I want to go into dentistry and she went off about how much she loves it. The schooling in Mexico is different than in Canada for it. But we sat together in Relief Society and when it ended she was like ¨I noticed you bite down on your jaw out of habit, don´t do it. It brings problems to your mouth, neck and back. You also need a mouth guard at night¨ She just started telling me so much haha I loved it. So we will see what happens when we go to her office :)
Well take care and I love you guys soooo much!!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 27 October 2014

I want you to know that I know the gospel is true

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? This week was pretty busy. Like you said Dad its interesting adapting to a new companion and learning and changing the methods you use to teach. I like it!
Every Pday we have district meetings and our district leader, Elder Felipe me pregunto si podría hacer la capacitación! It was about como comenzar a enseñar. I was so nervous at first and was happy that it lasted 20 minutes like he asked. It felt short when I planned it but i had ideas coming to my head and scriptures to share with everyone. We also played soccer again outside. YAY.
So it was funny because this week we went to a members house for dinner (another awesome food story to share) and they cooked a hot chili and put cheese inside for us. My companion was saying how she loved spicy food and was all excited to eat it. She took a bite and oh man, she was struggling so bad and kept drinking her water. It was so funny because she was trying to hide it from everyone and I was just laughing at her and watching her face turn red. I definitely won´t forget that. Also one night I was laying on my bed studying and my companion came to see what I was reading and she jumped on my bed and it made a huge noise and one of the legs broke completely off. It was hilarious I couldn´t stop laughing but then wasn´t too funny afterwards because now I have to sleep on an angled bed for a while until it gets fixed (who knows when) I don´t know how bad it is for your back but it hasn´t bothered me too bad. 
Also we went to another members house this last week and she teaches piano, super good. And she started playing modified hymn songs and I just sat there and thought of Grandma the whole time and how beautiful she plays. Then Hna Montoya (the piano player) was like ¨Canta!¨ so I got up and started singing and she played so many pretty songs while I sung, haha it felt like home!
My companion Hna Metler is from Springville Utah, she has been out for almost 9 months now. My mom/trainer went to Villa de Seris as a Sister Training Leader. I talk to her every once in a while because she is super busy all the time. Our ward mission leader works at the gym and gave us an exercise routine to do every morning! I´m pumped to try it out because we have been running every morning and I kinda want to try something new. The Elders and APs told us it was super hard and that they couldn´t finish it, so we´ll see how it goes for us hehe.
I love you all so much. I want you to know that I know the gospel is true. This is the true church of Jesus Christ. Its the only church that has the priesthood authority, or power of God. I know the Book of Mormon blesses families and helps us grow closer to Jesus Christ. Every day I read it I learn something new, it is so hard to put it down. It is my favourite book. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet as well. I love testifying to everyone and sharing my testimony because I truly feel the Spirit confirm to me again and again that what I am saying is true. There is no other way to true happiness. 
Take care and I´ll see about sending pictures next week!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 20 October 2014

we just got to pull through and wait on him.

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? This week was super different, adjusting to a new companion. But my compy is really nice. At first I felt a lot of stress on my back because she depended completely on me since she was new to this area and American. But I just relaxed myself and have learned a ton. 
That is so awesome that the Sister Missionaries went over, when I come home I plan on taking them to a lot of my friends houses. Being on the mission made me realize how important it is to share the gospel and whenever we do practice lessons as a district and I pretend to be the member and the missionary asks for names, I do think of people back home that need the gospel. I think it´d be cool to have a whole day planned out where they come over and I go out with them and take them to peoples houses :)
Guess what? Your going to think I´m crazy but when I get home I want to run a marathon. My companion ran one before the mission and got me so excited to do one. It´ll be fun to train for it and possibly do it the summer following. I was thinking if Bina is up for it she should do it with me. Eh? Its cool because Hna Metler loves running, so we get up every morning and go for a run together. 
We were visiting Martina and she just had an operation on her shoulder. She has been going through so many problems and is really open to the gospel. So we opened the lesson with a song and sang How Great Thou Art. I looked up and she was bawling, and said when we finished ¨How did you know?¨ ¨...know what?¨ ¨My brother passed away last week and we sang that song at his funeral¨ She said she felt so much peace throughout the singing and felt like he was in the room comforting her at that time. It was so spiritual and she is such a nice lady. You really grow to love the people in your area. At the end of this transfer I will have been here for 6 months. I know this place like the back of my hand now, all the streets and names of people. Now the APs and Elders in our ward phone me for directions all the time its kind of funny. I am going to be sad to leave that's for sure. I have a lot of memories here and have gotten super close with many of the families. They are all great people. 
One thing I learned this week is patience. To wait on the Lord´s timing and accept His will. I know that the Lord is always aware of us and loves us so much. He is completely perfect and we aren´t. So why do we try to depend on ourselves when the Lord knows best for us? In the moment it may be hard to understand but we just got to pull through and wait on him. Like when the people of Alma were in bondage to Amulon, and Amulon wouldn´t let them pray but they prayed to the Lord in their hearts for help to free them. It doesn´t say in the scriptures ¨And their burdens ceased immediately and Amulon left them alone and departed¨ instead it said that their burdens were made light. They still had to go through the challenge but the Lord was with them every step of the way. I love that chapter so much I have learned lots from it.
Well family know I think about you all the time and pray for you daily. Don´t worry about me everything is fine (except the heat is still a little uncomfortable)  I can´t remember if I told you but I sent you a letter a few weeks ago. Not sure when you will get it because today I just got a letter from Chet and Angela and I think they sent it in July! Anyways you´ll get it sometime in the future haha, take care and love you all soooo much!!!!
Hermana Blackmore

me and my companion Hermana Metler

Monday, 13 October 2014

My mom! Miss her so much!


Well its true, another week has gone by, and this week was transfers. Okay so we had transfers today.. My companion, Hermana Lopez left to Rio Sonora to be a Sister Training Leader and I have a gringa for a companion her name is Hermana Metler. She is really nice and loves the gym and sports so we talked a lot about that haha. I feel a little nervous because she is still learning Spanish and doesn´t know the area so I feel a little stress on my back. When I left Hermana Lopez it was so hard we both gave each other big hugs and wished each other the best. She was the best mom ever (trainer) and taught me so much. I will definitely keep in contact with her. 
This week was Stake Conference. It was cool because another hermana named Hna Mesquita came up to me and was like ¨Hey your sister is serving in Peru right?¨ And I was like ¨WHAT, how do you know that?¨ and she said that her best friend is companions with her. Sabrinas trainer. What a small world! They went to high school together. Actually even my trainer Hermana Lopez knows Sabrinas companion because they went to Benimerito together. (LDS High School) How cool is that?
Last week we left the house and I forgot my plaque. I only remembered because an Elder was like ¨Hey Hna Blackmore, where's your plaque?¨ I thought he was joking and didn´t even look down I was just thinking uhuh ya okay. Then my companion was like AHH YOU FORGOT YOUR PLAQUE! Seriously I turned beat red. I was sooo embarrassed. Never felt myself turn redder in my life. I was begging my companion to go home so I can get it again but we were so far and had a lesson in 5 minutes. I was holding a book there the whole time. When I got home I was so relieved to put it back on again. 
Made me think about how in the scriptures it says we must take upon ourselves the name of Christ always. And stand as a witness of God at all times, in all things, and all places. As a missionary I have the privilege of representing Jesus Christ but how sad would it be if we had to face God after this life, with embarrassment because we didn´t do the things we should. We didn´t defend him. Alma describes it like we would want to cover ourselves with the mountains or rocks because of how ashamed we are. 
Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind and strength. That is the first and greatest commandment because if you love God, you will keep the rest of his commandments. I like how Elder Jeffrey R Holland describes it, The greatest characteristic of love is always loyalty. It is so true. Be completely loyal to the Lord and show you love him.
I love you all and thank you so much for the pictures! As I promised here are mine :)
My mom! Miss her so much!
At general conference waiting for the next session!  
Take care, love you all!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 6 October 2014

It is so important to teach the gospel, and teach it right...

Hello Hello!

Well we just got back from a zone activity we had at the church. It was super fun we played soccer again and this time I brought my running shoes and played my best. Everyone was just shocked because I never said anything and no one knew I knew how to play. It was fun. Also one of the Elders bought 4 super hot chilis, I forget what it is called and 2 hermanas and 2 elders had a competition and ate them. Their faces were so red and all of them were crying but they wouldn't drink the milk and loose it was crazy! At the end one hermana couldn't hear very well and the other hermana talked funny! My companion was egging me to do it at first, thank goodness I didn't I don't want a stomach ache after. 
So what did you think of conference? Pretty awesome hey? All the talks were so great but one of my favourites was Elder Neil L. Anderson and how he talked about Joseph Smith wow. It was soooo good! On Saturday I got to watch the sessions in English but on Sunday there weren't any hermanas in the room, only Elders so I wasn't allowed. But I understood it okay and i'll wait for the Liahona to come out and read it better. 
I took a ton of pictures but sadly forgot the cord to plug it into the computer, and I forgot my notes of stuff to tell you and my mind is coming up blank on what to say now, laaame. I haven't heard anything from people in fort, i'd like to hear from Josh but that punk hasn't emailed me. I talk to Raeanne every week as well and you guys! I gave missionaries here candy that mom sent and they loved it. There is sooo much candy here its crazy! Its more the sugary candy than chocolate. Also reminded me, I keep a bunch of family pictures in my scriptures and some hermanas grabbed them and looked at them and seriously all of them were drooling over Brendan. Well not drooling but were like ¨El es bien guapo!!!! Es ex misionero verdad?! Y es soltero?¨ crazy hermanas eh?
On P Days we have a district meeting at 8am and usually have an activity afterwards that we plan. But the new rule on the mission is that we have to stay in the church for all activities. So we play sports and have dinners and watch movies and make stuff up to do. One thing the district leader told us today was that in 2013, 30,000 people got baptized in Mexico, and only 1,000 are now active. How crazy! It is so important to teach the gospel, and teach it right so that your investigator truly gains a personal testimony of it. You don't want to baptize and have them go inactive. Its so important they remain firm and true to the church for the rest of their lives. 
We taught a lesson to an Area Seventy and his family who are in our ward. I was kinda nervous I admit! But he is super nice and the Spirit was super strong. He is in charge of Baja California and Sinaloa. Next week are transfers and I'm pretty sure I am getting a new companion. I'm sad and excited at the same time. I have been with Hermana Lopez for 4 months 24 7. That's a whole semester of school! Its obvious that we know each other really well now. Yesterday I told her ¨Alright Hna, tell me what I need to work on, be honest and just say it¨ So we talked about ways to improve and it has helped me so much! Shes a great companion and she promised me that she will come to Canada to see me when she goes home :)
Sorry I don't have a spiritual thought this week, don't have my notebook with me, and pictures next week because i'll bring my cord! Love you all so much and am glad you are all doing well!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 29 September 2014

we talked about love

Hi family!!

What is up! How did you like Women's Conference mom? I had to watch it in Spanish but I surprised myself and understood it pretty good. The only thing was that I can't write notes and listen at the same time, I forget everything haha. But I'm working on it.
We just got back from the Centro and when we got off the bus it was beside a high school where all these teenagers were waiting to catch the bus as well and one girl came up to me and asked me if I was a gringa. Did you know that only Americans are gringos? I did not know that and at first when I got here I was telling everyone that yeah I was a gringa and then my companion told me that I wasn't. Just a cool fact haha!
I was sad because this week my Book of Mormon ripped down the spine. The cover came completely off! I'm hoping to buy some good glue and glue it back so it never happens again! The most valuable thing I carry in my backpack is the Book of Mormon.
We were also with a member family and their daughter Arela is so cute and talks all the time! If you ask her a question all she says is ¨Porque si.¨ and stares at you with big eyes ahahaha. But she ran off to play with the neighbor and she came back crying because she drank poison that you use to kill rats. I felt so bad for her! But seriously all the kids here put everything in their mouths! Its super easy to get sick if your not careful.
I sent you a letter today by the way so you will get it in what? A month?
We had a family home evening on Friday with Hna Saida. She is a recent convert and invited her sister who isn't a member of the church. It was kinda short notice and so it was hard to plan what message we wanted to share. But we talked about love and how it is essential in the gospel. At the end she asked us ¨What are you transmitting to me? With your words its like your sending something to me in the air¨ and Hna Saida was like ¨ITS THE SPIRIT!!¨ super excited. I really didnt even notice that the Spirit was strongly present. We were just saying what came to mind and asking questions that just came to us. But when she said that I was like whoaa she's right. It's so important to recognize the Spirit. As missionaries who are only thinking and studying the gospel 24 7 it can be hard to notice that the Spirit is with us. But we should always be listening and acting on the promptings we recieve.
Sorry this letter is so short. I love you all and hopefully next week I'll have more stories haha. Take care, I pray every day for you

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 22 September 2014

the water was half past our knees!

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? This week we had conferencia multi zona. It was so good I learned so much! I loved listening to the President speak. He talked on the Spirit and how there is a difference in having the Spirit and the gift of the Spirit. How if we only learn how important it is to always have the Spirit forever in our lives, we will recieve exaltation. So much good stuff.
The fun part was afterwards we had to walk home and it was pouring rain outside! The streets were flooded and the wáter was half past our knees! It was even funnier that the Hermanas were running through the streets and the Elders held back and didnt want to until we yelled at them and they finally were brave enough to do it ahaha.
​ This is us when we got back to the apartment. Soaking wet! We both got sick with stuffy noses and sore throats the next day but it was pretty fun!
Also my comp forgot her mission tag when we left the house and she didnt realize it until we got out of a lesson! Thank goodness the investigator didnt notice.
Well the weather continues to be super hot here and really nothing much has happened we just keep working and working.
Being here on the mission you grow to love the Book of Mormon. I seriously regret not studying it as much as I do now. I would have learned so much more. It is so so important to read and ponder and apply the stories in your life. Its so cool that every story can be related to yourself in ways. How amazing that that Book was written especially for our day and our time!
This week we were visiting with a less active member and we had a discussion on prayer. How we pray and remember Heavenly Father only when we need him and really depend on him in moments of trial. And forget to give thanks or think about him when we are super happy and things are going great. It really hit me. So then I decided to say a prayer in my heart and give thanks for everything that made me happy or was blessed with. Wow it really made a huge difference in my attitude and helped me realize how blessed I truly am. Everything we have is thanks to him. And yet when we only remember God in difficult times he is still listening to us and will still be there. Wow that is a great amount of love. 
​Another picture of me and my companion. After the rainstorm.
​ This was today! For Pday we made French toast at the church! Lots of the missionaries tried it with kétchup too and liked it when they saw me eating it hehehe
​And this was last week as a zone together on our Pday!
Sorry for the short email but the pictures make up for it eh? Love you all soooo much. You are the best family in the world and remember that God is aware of you. Tenemos un amoroso Padre Celestial. Confiar en El. Confiar en los promesas cuando obedecemos los mandamientos. Como dice la escritura, Yo, el Señor, estoy obligado cuando hacéis lo que os digo, mas cuando no hacéis lo que os digo, ninguna promesa tenéis. El esta dispuesto a cumplir su parte. Pero nosotros tenemos que cumplir nuestros. Seguir a Jesucristo. Yo lo prometo que si esfuerzan con su máximo, va a ver los milagros y la mano de Padre Celestial en su vida. Yo se porque yo ha visto muchas veces y podría sentir la presencia de El en mi trabajo. Se que este es el obra del Señor. Me da mucho gozo y consuelo a saber que si yo sigue trabajando, que Dios va a cuidar a mi familia. Preocupo por ustedes y su bienestar. Siempre ora por cada uno de ustedes individualmente y se que El esta escuchando y al pendiente de todos.
I love you all, have a great week!

Hermana Blackmore  

Monday, 15 September 2014

the meaning of sacrifice/work

Hi Dad/family!

How are you doing? This week was good we have a baptism this Saturday!
Today is Independence Day in Mexico and seriously all the stores are closed! It was so hard to find a Papelería to write! Everyone is dressed in Mexican dresses/clothes, and flags everywhere, and its going to be a huge fiesta on the streets. So President told us that we have to be in our houses by 7 today. Also there is suppose to be a crazy rainstorm tonight. All throughout the day it has been super cloudy and dark and its definitely not normal. Sonora is a desert and rarely has clouds. I´m curious to see how rainy it gets and maybe take some pictures :)
We had intercambios this week with the Sister Training Leaders. I went with Hermana Juarez again and this time I went to her area in Las Lomas. I really loved it and enjoyed exploring a new place. I liked working with her and learning new things and different techniques on teaching the doctrine. Also we had a Junta de zona this past week. And tomorrow is the Multi zona where President and the APs will talk. I love going to those.
This week I really learned the meaning of sacrifice/work. We must be willing to give up everything to be disciples of Jesus Christ and completely submitting ourselves to the will of God. No matter how hard things might get it is so important to endure to the end. Let go of everything and forget yourself. Loose yourself in the work of the Lord. That's our purpose in life right? Literally nothing else should matter. We all make mistakes and loose our focus but that is what the Atonement is for, to repent. I like Mosiah 28:3. The Sons of Mosiah knew how unhappy it was to live in sin. It was a horrible feeling for them. It was so hurtful that they desired to preach the gospel and help the people so they wouldn´t have to go through the same suffering they went through, which caused them to quake and tremble. They knew which path brought the most happiness, and desired to leave everything behind to preach the gospel, including the opportunity to be a King. 
Not much else has happened but we have walked a ton! I hope the weather cools down soon, crazy that Canada is getting snow now wow! Whats Tennyson's email? I want to email him. And what's new with everyone? I got the package from Mom. Thank you so much! It was a surprise finding baby pictures inside. I was at zone conference and opened it at the end and everyone was crowding me and grabbed the pictures and looked at them gaaaah hahaha. I love you guys a ton and hope you are doing all you can to strengthen your testimonies and putting the gospel first in your lives. As a missionary I see how Satan works with people and how much happier they can be when they keep the commandments and follow the Saviour. In order for an investigator to progress they must be doing three things. Reading the scriptures, praying, and going to church. I think its the same with members as well no? If we want to progress, we should be doing those three things. I know if we do we will change. I´ve seen it many times. A change where we become closer with our Heavenly Father and realize our true potential, our goal in life. To return to Him. I pray all the time for you all and love you so much!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 8 September 2014

sometimes I can't sleep because there are grillos making noises in our house!!!!

Hello Family!

Okay I have to tell you about Martina! She is a reference from Hna Dora. Hna Dora is her neighbor.Her and her son were in her house just talking when they heard a scream in the streets. Their neighbor (Martina) got hit by a car. She was in the hospital for a few days and then came home. So Hna Dora went to visit her and see how she was doing. And she wasnt doing well. So she got her son Ellioth to give her a priesthood blessing and afterwards Martina was asking what was this power because she felt calm, peaceful, and comforted. Hna Dora said she never imagined that Martina would be willing to listen to the góspel because she is super Catolic. She has a big poster hung outside her house of Mary. But she asked to listen to us. Seriously she is the sweetest lady ever and listens so well and started crying in our lessons. Its amazing how the Lord works and prepares his children to hear the gospel. I am excited to work with her. Her son Rigo was also listening to us and asking somewhat complicated questions. Usually Hna Lopez answers the random questions cause she can do it better in Spanish. But the phone rang and she was talking on it. So Rigo was like ¨I Have a question....¨ and the whole time I was like in my head ¨stay cool Solana dont get nervous listen to the Spirit...¨ And he asked a question from the Bible and quoted a verse. I didnt know the answer while he asked the question, but right after it was like BLING and I just started answering him and responded with my knowledge to his question! I was so happy with myself haha.
This week the Ward organized an activity, noche de postres (night of deserts). It was so awesome because every member brought a dessert and an investigator and the investigators were the judges and judged which dessert tasted the best. There were so many people and soo many investigators! I was so proud of the Ward and it was fun! I'll attach pictures :)
 All the investigators the members brought.

all the new desserts to try!!! I was so excited

 the different foods we tried, we would grab the tiniest pieces and yet our plates filled because there was so many to try!
We were teaching a member this week outside his house and he layed his things on his car and went to pick it up and a scorpion fell off!!! It fell right at my feet and i jumped up and screamed a little. I think there are a lot more bugs and stuff out because sometimes I can't sleep because there are grillos making noises in our house! I found two under my suitcase and Hna Lopez stood on her bed and watched until I killed them, I was so freaked out that when I was hitting them with the broom I broke it lol they are huge and jump around gahhhh.
We also have a baptism date set for Alex. He is 11 years old and loves the gospel. I am excited for him! We have been working with his entire family to reactivate them, they are great! Alex and his sister Gracia are in an English-Spanish school and I help them with their homework, its fun.
I really enjoyed reading Mosiah 23. Alma and his people, who were baptized, were living righteously. Walking uprightly before God and prospering. Then it says in vs 21, con todo, el Señor considera conveniente castigar a su pueblo, si, el prueba su paciencia y su fe. As members of the Church we cant think that because we are doing all we can, living righteously and keeping the commandments, that we will not be tried. That is the purpose of why we are here. Reading that verse made me think of some of the challenges I went through before coming on my mission. Challenges try our patience and faith. How much strength did I have in those attributes? To be honest I murmered a lot. And often asked why me, why does this have to happen to me. As I read that verse it was like a light clicked. Where was my patience? Where was my faith in the lord? Part of Gods plan was that we come down to earth to be tested, gain experience, be tried,and progress. That is the reason why we are here. When we have patience in faith we have trust in God that everything will be okay, we have him on our side. The next verse says, Sin embargo, quien pone su confianza en el será enaltecido en el postrer día. Si, y así fue con este pueblo. I like that even though the people were living righteous lives, they put their trust in God and didn't murmur when they were tried. They were then blessed.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Blackmore

Thursday, 4 September 2014

September is the hottest month...!

Hello how is everyone doing?

This week was a bit interesting haha. We ate at a members house and I´ve never had to struggle to eat the food before as I had to then. The member asked me if I had eaten liver before but I didn´t know the word in Spanish and was like no I´ll try it. She brought a plate of this weird smelly meat heaped with onions on top!! I looked at my companion and was like HELP!!!!!!! I have now eaten liver, head, tongue, and stomach. What next?
Oh also we were heading back to our house it was almost 9 and guess what? I accidentally left the keys in the house and we were locked out. We were sitting on the side of the road waiting for the renter to come and open it for us and he couldn´t come until 10! I felt like a bum sitting there because we also were talking to our district leader and he was telling us about transfers. Me and my companion are staying together which is surprising, normally your only together for training and then get changed. But the Lord knows best and there is a reason why we are together still and we are fine with it. I am now done my training wow!
I also was sleep talking this week ahhhhh. I woke up Hna Lopez twice. The first time I said ¨dangit ya es tarde!¨ and the other time I was saying ¨no!¨ super loud, tossing and turning and she woke up so fast lolol whoopsie.
So the weather has been cooling down eh? LUCKY. Now everyone is saying September is the hottest month... next month everyone will say October is the hottest and so on. But it is really hot out.
I agree with Sabrina, I love the mission. There are hard times for sure but the good times outweigh the bad ones and make it all so worth it. It really opens your eyes to the gospel and gives you a whole new perspective on things. I learn more and more each day and know this is the greatest thing anyone could do in their lives. How is Ten doing? Is he excited to go out? 
Sorry this is so short this week, nothing much has really changed. But I will attach some pictures for you haha I love you all so much and think about you. Always rely on the Lord and know that he is aware of you and right beside you through times of trial. 

Hermana Blackmore
LOOK AT MY NAME! Its on lots of cars haha
Waiting for the bus

Monday, 25 August 2014

Do not be deceived...


How are you all doing? We are pretty excited because Omar is getting baptized this Saturday! I am so excited for him and to see his progress from day 1, wow. When we teach him in the scriptures and ask him for his comments he gives super good replies and it feels like we are teaching a member because he knows everything now! It´s like he is teaching us! Haha.
Another awesome thing happened. On Sunday Familia Quintana came to church again! And this time the husband came too!! I found out they have been inactive for 10 years! So this week has been good :)
I also can´t believe that I finish my training this week. Wow time goes by sooo fast this week marks 3 months for me. Next monday is cambios and I think Hna Lopez might be leaving sadly! Gaaaaah I just don´t want to finish my training it makes me nervous! 
Another thing, I got sick Monday night. I was up all night vomitting blaaaah and we had to spend the day at home. The whole time I was thinking of how bad I wanted some of Moms arroz aguado. We then walked to a members home and she fed us soup that was similar to it :)
Just like Bina we too had a rainstorm. We were walking to the Bishops house and when it rains the streets are seriously flooded and we had to cross so many! My skirt was soaked to my thighs from running through the roads and watching Hna Lopez scream and freak out was hilarious. The first street we crossed she refused at first. And I was like ¨Hna, we have to. Just do it with me. 1 2 3!¨ And I ran and she watched and was like NO WAY! Then she finally did and I laughed at her but I´m sure I looked just as ridiculous haha! The water is super dirty so we had to change our tights, shoes, and skirts when we got back or else we could get sick. I wished I had my camera with me to take pictures of the roads :(
I am studying in Mosiah still. So much good stuff. But I left my study journal in the apartment. So sorry! One part I liked from the top of my head was Mosiah 11. How easily blinded are we by the things of the world? Sometimes the things of the world can be so appealing and misleading. In the scriptures it says that King Noah commanded that his throne and the throne of his priests be built with gold and precious materials so that when they taught, the people would believe their words and be easier to mislead them.
It can be so easy to focus on the things of the world and be so caught up in pride that we are slow to remember the Lord. We think the things of the world are worth a lot but in reality, no. Plain and simple, it is deceiving. Many times it can seem that way. And can get to the same point as King Noah who said in vs 27, Who is the Lord?
Are we really that caught up that we forget our Heavenly Father and that thanks to him we have what we have in this life? Do we have to get to the point where we will have to be destroyed or face the consequences of our actions to realize this? We know the only way to have eternal happiness is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing else matters. Do not be deceived by the materials of the world. In JST 1 vs 37 it says treasure and study the scriptures so we are not deceived. We are promised that if we study the BOM, it will strengthen our desire to keep the commandments and increase our testimony of Jesus Christ. We will realize what matters in life.
Wish I had my journal to share my thoughts better on that!
I love you all and sounds like your keeping busy! Vicky that is so awesome you got to meet the General YW President, wow! And I say the same as Bina, Ten what the heck why haven´t you written me?
You are always in my prayers, 


Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 18 August 2014

cabeza y lengua..... ewwwww!!

Hola mi loca familia!

How is everyone doing? Dad guess what? The song Have I Done Any Good in the World Today reminds me so much of you and I ALWAYS vote for that song when we have to sing, my companion gets super annoyed but I know secretly she loves it too :) Also tell Brendan Come Thou Fount reminds me of him and we sing Oh Mi Padre like it and I love it so much!
This week we ate at a members house and the meat she fed us was super soft and tender. Hna Lopez asked what kind of meat it was and the member was like ¨la cabeza y lengua¨ (brain and tongue) oh my goodness, we immediately looked at each other and our mouths dropped in shock. EWWWW! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!
We found a family to teach this week. It was awesome because we walked into their house and Gilberto (father) was like ¨Okay! Everyone, turn off the TV, computers, and sit in the living room to listen¨ It was amazing. The Spirit was super strong and looking at the family listening reminded me of all the times our family would get together and talk about the góspel.
Also a miracle happened this week. The Familia Quintana have been inactive for 4 years, every missionary that has been in this area has tried to get them to come to church and they never go. We have been working with them as well and they showed up yesterday! It was so awesome I was so happy I almost started crying. The Lord has blessed us.
This week has rained a lot. We were eating with a member and it was pouring. There was so much lightning too and one ray hit right beside the house. It was crazy because everything was white for a second and it was so loud it hurt your ears. The power went out and we screamed cause we got scared. It was cool.
In my studies this week I have been reading more about King Benjamin. In Mosiah 4:11 and 12. How did it feel when we got baptized? Peaceful, happy, joyful, all those good feelings right? Well that was only a taste of God´s love. How can we be filled with his love completely? Remembering his goodness in our lives, and how unworthy we are but his lovingness towards us and mercy. When we seriously think this through, humbling ourselves, praying with faith, we will always rejoice and be filled with the love of God, recieve forgiveness for our sins, and grow in testimony.
If we are true followers of Jesús Christ we are told in Moroni 7:48 we will be filled with this love and be like him and purified. With this knowledge it allows us to understand the greatest example of love ever shown to us on the earth, was the Atonement of Jesús Christ. Then we will apply it in our lives and help other to have this love.
I love you guys sorry I don´t have pictures this week I will take some this week, this computer is super slow and the keyboard doesn´t work very well :( Love you all so much!

Hermana Blackmore

Saturday, 16 August 2014

we would do pretty much anything

Hi Dad!

How are you doing? That is crazy you went to Raymond to pick up Vicky already. It feels like the weeks go by so fast. In the blink of an eye its Sunday and then all of a sudden Saturday comes by. Where does the week go? 
I made my companion teach me lesson 1 in English and I enjoyed it because she made me teach it 3 times a day to her the first few weeks I got here so she totally understood how I felt and got frustrated not being able to say words in Spanish it was awesome. Also I have a Spanish verb conjugation book that has seriously helped me a whole lot! Words I´ve been saying wrong in past, present, or future tense and it has helped me improve a ton.
So last week we went to visit Omar and he wasn´t there so we gave a lesson to his Nana and nephew and at the end he came in and I was like ¨Omar! Good to see you can you please share you testimony with your Nana and nephew?¨ And he said yes very happily and sat down, it was surprising because he is always shy and doesn´t like praying in front of them even. This is how the conversation went between me and him,
¨Yes I´ll bear my testimony, whats a testimony?¨
¨It´s what you believe and know is true like in fast and testimony meeting when members go up and share theirs, listen I´ll share mine first¨
¨No I want to!!!¨
¨Yo creo que la iglesia es verdadero...¨
¨No its yo se because its what you know!¨
¨Ah okay! Yo se...¨
And he gave a heartfelt testimony it was so good and the Spirit was so strong!
We have gotten close to that family they are great and Omar´s Nana tells us to call her nana or abuela and says we are her girls haha she is hilarious I´ll attach a picture of me and her yesterday night. She asked me how the houses are built in Canada and I was like ¨Oh they are more sealed than here so that the cold air doesn´t come inside¨ and she was like ¨A poco! (Oh really!) Siempre es oscuro adentro porque no hay ventanas?¨ (It must always be dark inside because there are no windows?) Jaja que chistoso :) (Ha ha that's funny)
I love the words of King Benjamin. So much good stuff to learn in Mosiah by him. One part I really liked was in Mosiah 2 vs 36 to 39. Now that we know the gospel and the truth, there is no turning back. We cannot go back to how we were with this knowledge. We now have a responsibility to live it and share it. If we do choose to rebel the Spirit will be withdrawn from us because the Spirit of the Lord cannot dwell in unholy temples and we will have to stand before God with guilt, pain, and anguish. I like verse 41. The gospel is what brings us happiness. Why should we want to turn back? That would be crazy why would you want to give up that happiness, and for what? It says if we live the gospel and endure to the end we will be blessed with things temporally and spiritually here on the earth, and then, live with God in a state of never ending happiness. Wow. What would we do to have never ending happiness and never experience sadness no more? I think we would do pretty much anything, here in this world there are a lot of selfish people, and the natural man within us is greedy and wants things for himself. It´s sometimes hard to realize that the greatest happiness is the gospel. We are invited to come and buy without money and without price and feed our spirits, feasting on that which perisheth not, which are the words of Christ. Isn´t it amazing?
Yesterday at church me and my companion were pretty bummed out because none of our investigators came. We sat in Gospel Doctrine class at the front and when it was over the Elders came over and were like ¨Did you say hi to Omar?¨ We thought they were kidding around and told them to stop and not be mean and they were like no we are serious! We didn´t believe them and they left and then Omar came over and was like hey hermanas the Elders said you wanted to see me? Seriously I was so happy! And glad he made the decision to come because usually we have to phone him and make sure he has a ride, but he came all by himself this time :)
Well I love you guys and hope you are doing family scripture study, prayers, and family home evening. If not I ask you ¨Will you commit to reading the scriptures and pray daily, and do family home evening every week together?¨ 
Okay thanks I know the Lord will bless you if you do. I have seen it here on the mission. And whenever I´m asked to tell stories about my family I think of the times we were together, doing family home evening, or talking about the gospel. Those were the times we grew closer together and some of the best times we had. Please don´t stop okay? It´s super important. I love you so much!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 4 August 2014

Getting up is what matters


First I got to ask if you got my letter? I sent it like 3 weeks ago! Well this week was a bit hard. Omar decided to wait to get baptized and when he told us that I seriously felt like someone stabbed me in the heart and wanted to cry. It was so hard to hold in but I did because he would feel bad if he saw. So hopefully in time he will make that decision. We will keep working with him. We have other investigators but he is the one that has been progressing really well. 
I was reading in 2 Nephi 33 V2 and 3. Many people hardened their hearts to the point where the Holy Spirit could not dwell with them and were putting things of no value above what should be. This saddened Nephi. To the point where he prayed for them and literally cried for his people at night. He really understood the importance of the gospel and making that decision to follow the Saviour. He wanted them to make that choice and experience that happiness. At that time Nephi was old. He was going to die very soon. I imagine myself, being a leader of a people and close to my death, what would I want them to know before I died? Nephi, in desperation, proclaimed to his people to repent. In V5 he speaks plainly and harshly of the truth. I like how he said that the righteous will not be angry but those who sin and are under the influence of Satan will be because they know it is true and are allowing Satan, and anger overpower them instead of being humble and repentant. Then in V10 he states clearly that if we do not believe in his words but believe in Christ, then we will believe in his words because they teach all men to do good and are of Christ. V11, If we choose to ignore it, Christ will show unto us at the last day it is true. And Nephi will stand face to face with us and we will know he was commanded of the Lord to write the things he did.
We will be judged of our doings and actions and if we chose to follow God and his prophets. I like how plain Nephi is, he doesn't beg the people to believe him. Yes he wants them to believe him but how he says it is ¨I was commanded by God to write these things and if you choose to not believe, thats your decision, we all have our agency so go ahead and choose. But if you don't believe know that it was stand as a witness to you at the judgement bar and will have to answer to God.¨ 
I just love how blunt he is, he knew the things written in the scriptures were true, that he was commanded of God to write them. Now it is up to us. Part of it is not only believing but acting. Do our actions show that we we love our Heavenly Father and that we are striving to follow His Son? Of course none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. But our loving Heavenly Father will always be there when we decide to do whats right.
I think of Simon Peter. He was an apostle of the Lord and witnessed so many of the miracles Jesus performed while he was on the earth. Even he needed to be reminded of this. In John 21 after Jesus died Simon Peter and the disciples decided to go fishing, not knowing what else to do. Then Jesus appeared and asked Simon 3 times ¨Do you love me? Feed my sheep¨ Do we love the Lord? How many times does he have to ask us that same question because our actions show otherwise? No matter how many times we have to be reminded, Heavenly Father will have the patience and love to remind us again and again. because we all fall short. But getting up is what matters and what is necessary to progress in this life. 
Well this month is the hot month of August. Yesterday I got out of church and my arms were stinging and we were only outside for 5 minutes but the sun was just beating down like crazy. 
Also it is the month of mangoes! All the mangoes on the trees are ripe! Alfonzo has a mango tree and we helped him pick the mangoes and he gave us a bagful, I was sooooo happy! I also now drink only soy milk, I got into the habit and I like it. At first it was hard but you get used to the taste and its way healthier for you. :) 
We work a lot with the members. There is a rule in all of Mexico that missionaries cannot go door to door contacting. They want you to work with members and involve them. Well not much else has happened, I love you all and am glad you guys are enjoying your summer! Until next time!

Hermana Blackmore